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I am 4 weeks post-partum (today is actually my due date!) and I think I am at the end of the rapid weight loss part of post preg.  (my weight has been the same all week) In order to keep my self accountable I think I will post my stats on here - it will be like my own little weekly "weight watchers weigh-in".  Please join me!   Pre-preg:    138 lbs At delivery  177 lbs 12/7 4wkpp 145 lbs 35" at waist   My goals for the week are to be more mindful of what...
Wow - I can't believe that I had these babies almost a month ago!   Well,  I am exhausted.  Night nursing twins is a lot harder then I imagined.  I can't really sleep nurse both at the same time and they seem to fall asleep if I nurse them lying down and then wake back up 30 minutes later wanting more.  plus every week I worry about something new.  Last week I was worried they had reflux and this week I am convinced they have foremilk/hindmilk imbalanced.  really...
You look radiant! and Eli is so cute!
congrats ! can't wait for pictures
I had a bellly bandit that was completely useless after the vaginal delivery of dd1 (only fit for about 3 days) but a life saver after c-sec this time.  I began using it once I was able to get out of bed (day 2)post c-sec but it stopped being useful at about postop day 10 or so.  It provided a lot of support initially but is now not tight enough to be slimming.  I'm currently iso a more form fitting binder.
Have you tried weighing pre and post nursing to check for the amount of transfer?  I ended up renting a breastfeeding scale from medela for reassurance but most breastfeeding support groups and LC offices have a scale you could use and they can show you how.
Today dd1 was looking at my belly and declared it was "a mess" (pointing at my belly button).  She did say my hair was pretty though.   I'm so excited for all of you still waiting on your babies.  I'm a little sad that I don't plan on having any more children.  It's amazing how fast you forget the discomforts of being pregnant.
You're doing great! Try to get some rest (if you're anything like me that is close to impossible - I was so amp'd up when I was induced with dd1 I hadn't slept in 2 days) but once I did sleep I progressed really fast.    
Thinking of you.  Can't wait to see pictures!  Keep us updated.
My twins are now 3 weeks old, have been home from the nicu about a week, are gaining weight, appear to be nursing well.  I have also been blessed with a great milk supply.  When the twins were in the NICU I pumped for almost every feeding and nursed them only 2-3 times a day.  I ended up with a lot of extra milk that I was able to freeze.  Now that we are home they are nursing all their day time feeding and dh will give them bottles 1-2 feedings at night (mainly so I can...
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