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 An IRA in your name would be a good idea.  But would it be okay with you if your husband had a "personal emergency fund" of his own? As I posted above, I think separate finances can work well in a marriage. (I'm NOT advising that the OP and her husband should separate their finances, just saying that it can work if it's what both spouses want.)  But if you choose to have joint finances, which it seems like you do, it seems unfair that you control the trust income and your...
I agree that it does not seem fair that his salary is for the household and your money is just for you.   Without getting into whether things *should* be this way or not, my husband and I maintain separate accounts and have done so for 18 years out of our 23-year marriage.  He makes significantly more than I do.  We split bills according to a percentage of our income -- if he makes 75% of the total income, he pays 75% of the bills.  This works for us and money is...
My daughter wears garments with skulls on them sometimes.  She's 12.  She also won't wear anything "soft or elegant", or dress "like a proper lady".  I hate her clothes, but as long as they are not too revealing, I will let her choose her own clothes for weekend wear (she wears uniforms to school).  I wouldn't count skinny jeans as "too revealing" and I'd probably allow them -- my daughter doesn't care for them, so it's not an issue.   My daughter also does very well in...
I also have a 12yo and I would not be comfortable with a co-ed sleepover under most circumstances.  (If parents needed me to keep kid overnight for whatever reason, boy would sleep in the family room and daughter in her own room.)  I trust my daughter and I trust her choice of friends, but it's just not something I'd allow -- in part because I don't want to have to explain why it's okay at 12 and not okay at 17, or decide when to draw the line.
How did a 16yo sign a lease or purchase an apartment?
Originally Posted by kathymuggle  One of the reasons you (and others) wanted a support forum instead of a "tribe" or group is so that lurkers could read information.  I disagree that comfort is more important than accuracy.  I don't know what to do about it, since allowing corrections would lead to debate, and that's not okay in support forums.  Maybe if a person sees misinformation she could start a new thread in discussions or debates to correct it and simply post a link...
This is not the first time you've accused prosciencemum of bullying.  I haven't seen anything of the sort.  Please link to the posts you consider to be bullying.
The post that calls non-vaxing "murder" has no thumbs-up at all.
Maxine, I agree with everything you have been posting, but this subforum is restricted to people who choose not to vaccinate.  We're not allowed to post here.  Come join us on the Vaccinations Debate forum if you want to debate.
 No.  Andrew Lazarus is not attacking Mirzam's parenting or her personality.  And, it's in the debate section, which is the appropriate place for "big-girl panties" (sorry, Andrew).
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