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I also have a 12yo and I would not be comfortable with a co-ed sleepover under most circumstances.  (If parents needed me to keep kid overnight for whatever reason, boy would sleep in the family room and daughter in her own room.)  I trust my daughter and I trust her choice of friends, but it's just not something I'd allow -- in part because I don't want to have to explain why it's okay at 12 and not okay at 17, or decide when to draw the line.
How did a 16yo sign a lease or purchase an apartment?
Originally Posted by kathymuggle  One of the reasons you (and others) wanted a support forum instead of a "tribe" or group is so that lurkers could read information.  I disagree that comfort is more important than accuracy.  I don't know what to do about it, since allowing corrections would lead to debate, and that's not okay in support forums.  Maybe if a person sees misinformation she could start a new thread in discussions or debates to correct it and simply post a link...
This is not the first time you've accused prosciencemum of bullying.  I haven't seen anything of the sort.  Please link to the posts you consider to be bullying.
The post that calls non-vaxing "murder" has no thumbs-up at all.
Maxine, I agree with everything you have been posting, but this subforum is restricted to people who choose not to vaccinate.  We're not allowed to post here.  Come join us on the Vaccinations Debate forum if you want to debate.
 No.  Andrew Lazarus is not attacking Mirzam's parenting or her personality.  And, it's in the debate section, which is the appropriate place for "big-girl panties" (sorry, Andrew).
 I understand you don't want to ruin her dreams, but as parents it's our job to help our kids be realistic about their futures.  Most boys will not be NFL quarterbacks (especially if they are 125 pounds) and most girls will not be supermodels (especially if they are 5'4").  Maybe the two of you could do research together about the modeling industry and the requirements and the chances.
My kid better not be catching HPV at school or at the grocery store.  Can't say the same about measles.  I think there are solid reasons that Gardasil not be "required".
We also use a family practice.  I like them well enough except for the flu shot issue.  They want to save their flu shots for high risk patients.  That's fine for me; I can go to Walgreens.  But pharmacies can't vax people under age 14 in my state, and it's always been a hassle getting a flu shot for my daughter.  (They've done it every year, but it it's usually taken at least a few phone calls.)
New Posts  All Forums: