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 32.3% of the cases occurred in the un/undervaccinated.  The vaccination rate is >93% (http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/20/4/13-1681_article.htm), so since more than 7% of cases occured in the un/undervaccinated, that shows that the un/undervaccinated were more likely to contract mumps.
 Are not venting about being misunderstood.  Are personal attacks.  And belong in debate, not support.
My vote was for E, but my overarching vote is that whatever we decide, it's applied evenly across all forums.
 First choice is E, second choice is B. If personal attacks occur in "support" forums, mods should immediately (or on receipt of a flag) move the thread to the debate forum.
Taximom, for purposes of discussion, I will assume that the WA/MN incidents went down exactly as you stated  (not that I doubt your recollections, but as the vax debate shows, individuals can look at the same hard data and come to different conclusions).  If so, then Wendy Adams should be banned from these forums and her posts deleted.  I'll say that even if she is pro-vax.  I'll also say that two wrongs don't make a right, and it doesn't make what's currently happening in...
 Same.  I've been a member of MDC since 2004 but only active in vax forums for a year or two. I have called out pro-vaxers on comments I felt were inappropriate and will continue to do so.
I don't mind it because I would vaccinate regardless so I don't feel as if I am taking on extra risk, but I do mind when vaccine critics deny that they benefit from lowered rates of disease and transmission (yes, I know that pertussis may be an exception to this).   I don't think insurance benefits/finances are really relevant here.   Re: mandatory compliance -- there seems to be some disagreement on these forums about what exactly comprises "mandatory compliance". ...
I r I reported one of my own posts to bring the thread to moderators' attention.
Kathy, you're arguing why vaccine critics deserve a place to be vicious and nasty if they see fit, and I'm saying that mothering.com has stated clearly that this is not such a place.
I am disgusted, not threatened.   If you want to "fight fire with fire", fight in the debate forum where it can be a real fight.   If you just want to vent and rant about people (people, not issues), that's against Mothering.com rules.   I'm not going to take the bait about school exemptions and eroding parent rights because that's not what this thread is about.
New Posts  All Forums: