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I r I reported one of my own posts to bring the thread to moderators' attention.
Kathy, you're arguing why vaccine critics deserve a place to be vicious and nasty if they see fit, and I'm saying that mothering.com has stated clearly that this is not such a place.
I am disgusted, not threatened.   If you want to "fight fire with fire", fight in the debate forum where it can be a real fight.   If you just want to vent and rant about people (people, not issues), that's against Mothering.com rules.   I'm not going to take the bait about school exemptions and eroding parent rights because that's not what this thread is about.
 You  really think posting a link you don't like is the same thing of accusing a mother of neglecting her child? There are plenty of offensive links in the INV forum too, but no one is complaining about those.  I am complaining about using the forum as a shield to insult people and groups of people.  If that's what "support" is all about, maybe we're better off without support forums and everything is up for debate and discussion.
 But where you could post if you chose.
I wouldn't feel sorry for her if these comments were posted in the debate section where she could defend herself if she chose to.  As it is, I don't exactly feel sorry for her, but I don't think it's fair to hide behind "support-only" to be vicious.
I have the opposite issue, but yes, my daughter's development and journey through puberty is much like mine was.
Point is, it seems like the support forum is used to attack people and call pro-vaxers "sheeple" and other lovely names.  I am supportive of support forums (lol), but think the privilege is possibly being abused.  And I'm discussing it in the debate section, where people are free to disagree with me.
I see posts attacking their work and their qualifications.  Those are fair game. I wrote upthread  that I think it's fine to critcize Reiss's writings.  I haven't seen anything about how Drs. Tomljienovic and Shaw must be ignoring their families. Rules here are we don't discuss other members and we don't make personal attacks.  Those rules have been repeatedly broken in what's supposed to be a support forum.
So all the posts criticizing her career and her parenting shouldn't have been posted, since we aren't allowed to discuss other members?
New Posts  All Forums: