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I see Dorit Reiss is now a member.
There was a thread on this recently and it seems that for those who choose not to vaccinate, the preferred term is "vaccine critics".
 I actually think everyone should be fair game as well, but not in forums where they are not permitted to post to defend themselves.
Andrew, I'm on your side, but you don't have any First Amendment rights here.  You are free to express yourself however you like in a public forum, but this is privately owned and mothering.com has every right to delete anything they don't want to host.
And I told you I don't post there.  You're the one who brought it up.   I'm talking about mothering.com, where we both post.  If you have issues with V4V, take them there.
 I don't post on V4V.  Are you saying posts would be deleted or moderated?
I think it's fair to "shred" Andrew Wakefield's published work.  I think it's fair to "shred" the veracity whatever Dorit Reiss writes.  I don't think it's fair to attack people personally and then say "well, you vax, so you can't post here even though we're talking about you". 
I appreciate the value of support-only forums.   I do wonder if it's fair to criticize individuals (Megan Griffith, Dorit Reiss, etc.) in areas where they couldn't defend themselves if they wanted to.  I'm not talking about critical analysis of written work, but comments about personality and parenting skills.
I nursed to age 6 and I had milk.  I obviously believe that super-sustained-nursing is okay, but I would not dry nurse.  If there's no milk, it's not nursing.
I was 10, my daughter was 10.
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