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I think that, given the context of the discussion, it's pretty clear that she means "requiring that everyone [in the practice] be vaccinated reduces the risk as much as humanly possible".
 I'm sure this will open up a can of worms, but I am assuming teacozy's pediatrician is an actual medical doctor.  I seem to recall that sassyfirechick's doctor is not an MD.  That magical degree does add credibility for some of us.
If she has breast buds and pubic hair, you should make sure she is prepared for menarche.  Talk about pads and tampons and cups -- let her pick out what she wants to have on hand.   Very lightly padded bras can help keep breast buds from showing through or rubbing against clothing.
 I have taken and deleted many unflattering photos of my daughter, including quite a few in which she was making faces and rolling her eyes and scrunching up her mouth.
My daughter was most familiar with cloth pads, since that's what I use.  I bought her a selection of paper pads and cloth pads and tampons, and told her I would buy her whatever she preferred.  She chose cloth:  I was not involved with the decision except to answer questions (which is, IMO, exactly the way it should have been).
It's been "to the limits of the seat", which for most seats is at least two years, since 2001.
The polio vaccine does not protect children from this "polio-like" disease.  The polio vaccine protects against actual polio.
We tried a bunch of cloth pads and my daughter's favorites are New Moon Pads, specifically the winged Ultra pads in Light: http://www.newmoonpads.com/Ultra.html .
And I disagree that making hard choices is an infringement upon freedom.
People are free to refuse to consent to -- or decline -- vaccines.  Nobody has argued otherwise.
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