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People are free to refuse to consent to -- or decline -- vaccines.  Nobody has argued otherwise.
People are free to refuse "informed consent".  Part of the information is that public schools may be more difficult to access.
I would prefer to sleep in because I often work late at night.  Getting up to get my kid to school does often result in a lack of sleep.  Not that it really matters, because my point is not whether I should have four or seven or nine hours of sleep, but that schools imposing rules does not necessarily infringe on the right to free public education.   What if people who choose not to vaccinate automatically qualify for homebound tutoring, just like kids who can't attend...
 As a general statement, the exercise of rights can be in conflict. I have the right to sleep until 10am (I work a lot of late nights).  But if we don't leave the house by 7:15am, my kid won't be in her desk when the bell rings, and she'll be marked tardy, and f she gets enough tardies she'll be truant, and I'll have to go to court.  So if I want my kid to go to public school, which is her legal right, I can't sleep until 10am, which is my legal right. (No, vaxing is not...
I agree entirely, especially about thinking personal choice exemptions are probably the least-bad choice but not feeling completely comfortable with them either.   I do not like religious exemptions in general (and I am a religious person myself), and that is not limited to vaccines.  If a rule is worth having, it is worth having regardless.
Much to my daughter's dismay, her doctor told her to expect that she'd stop growing about two years after menarche (she's only 5'1" and by these calculations, has a year to go).
Your county health department should have vaccines available.
I don't want to be nitpicky about semantics either, but I do think it matters.   I definitely think that forcing everyone to be vaccinated no matter what is a violation of civil liberties.   I don't know that I feel the same way about requiring vaccines to attend public school, although even if I felt strongly enough to argue about it, I certainly wouldn't pick the HPV vax as a hill to die on.  I agree that it doesn't make sense to require it for schools as it should...
I'm sorry your baby is ill.  I second the recommendation for oatmeal baths.
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