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And OP, flu shots are not required for school attendance in Pennsylvania, so your only concern is the chickenpox.  You could have titers drawn to see if your child is already immune. http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/028/chapter23/s23.83.html
And the OP has stated that she doesn't feel the vaccines are "worth it".  That's not religion.  I guess there's no way for the law to know for sure, but it doesn't paint vaccine critics in the best light to suggest that she lie on an official document.
I do follow the letter of the law:  all delays were either before school age or vaccines that were not required for school.
Interesting.  In the doctor thread, vaccine critics were arguing that even though it was legal, it was not ethical for a doctor to refuse to see non-vaccinating families.  Now vaccine critics are sticking to the letter of the law and ignoring possible ethical grey areas.  I actually don't believe it should be legal to lie about a deeply held religious belief.
 If she doesn't have a sincerely held religious belief, she shouldn't manufacture one.  "Not worth it" is not really a deeply and sincerely held spiritual belief.
I'm quite fine with people who pass laws requiring vaccinations being required to demonstrate that they themselves are following the CDC-recommended vaccine schedules or have medical exemptions signed by an MD.
I was 10, my daughter was 10.  I was underweight and my daughter is pretty average.
 Because I am a CPST and have a manual to look up where tether anchors can be installed.  They should be able to install three tethers in the back wall.  The part number is E5TZ 15613D20-A.
It isn't really a mandate -- it's a requirement for schools.  And they allow religious exemptions, which historically are accepted pretty broadly.  I do not consider it a violation of civil rights, although I am not in favor of it, especially the HPV requirement.
Forget governments.  Let's leave public school out of this for now.  It is not interfering with parental authority in any way for private practice doctors or privately owned daycares to choose not to do business with people who don't vaccinate on schedule.
New Posts  All Forums: