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It isn't really a mandate -- it's a requirement for schools.  And they allow religious exemptions, which historically are accepted pretty broadly.  I do not consider it a violation of civil rights, although I am not in favor of it, especially the HPV requirement.
Forget governments.  Let's leave public school out of this for now.  It is not interfering with parental authority in any way for private practice doctors or privately owned daycares to choose not to do business with people who don't vaccinate on schedule.
No one here is arguing that vaccines be *mandated*.  The argument seems to be whether private organizations have a right to set standards even if they seem unfair to some.
I'm absolutely not going to open the can of worms about whether religion or spirituality is "natural".   But yes, a private Christian (or other faith-based) school can absolutely require that families profess a statement of faith and the children participate in religious activities.  I think some Catholic schools only allow parish members to attend.  Similarly, a private daycare center or private medical practice should be able to require that children be vaccinated in...
 I don't have the visceral reaction to pro-schedule that I do to pro-compliance, but it is awkward.  I'm also not sure it's technically accurate.  I *am* pro-schedule in general, but I delayed a few vaxes.  I think many of us pro-vaxxers have done similarly.  And to be perfectly honest, I feel quite differently about a decision to put off HepB for a newborn than to skip all vaxes altogether -- both are technically off schedule, but have very different implications and...
I think you have to PM an admin.
You cannot change race or skin color.  You can change being unvaccinated.  They are not comparable.  It could be more closely compared to religion rather than race, and while there is a right to freedom of religion, that doens't mean that anything that falls under the umbrella of religion is protected.  I have a right to go to the church of my choice every Sunday morning (or Saturday, or any other day).  However, if my job requires me to work Sunday mornings, and I insist...
But what is a "right"?  I don't think seeing a particular doctor or going to a particular daycare *is* a right and I think it *is* a natural consequence if certain people disapprove of a choice strongly enough to cut ties.
What vehicle is it?
 How about privately run daycares and private medical practices?  Those are -- well, I'm not sure they are privileges exactly, but they are certainly not constitutionally protected rights.
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