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I agree that not having access to public schools is not a natural consequence.   I do, however, think that it is a natural consequence that people may not wish to associate with you, and those people may include certain private practice doctors or daycare providers,
 I think private schools and daycares should be able to set their own policies.  I am conflicted about public schools.
You're not making any sense and your posts are difficult to read and follow.  I choose not to engage with you any further.   People should have the right to make choices in their lives, including the choice to not vaccinate.  Choices often come with consequences.  Sometimes that's hard.   (I was an exclusive, extended breastfeeder.  That was my choice.  It sometimes came with consequences, like being excluded from kid-free events or needing to take my child and get a...
I didn't say choices SHOULD be hard and I didn't say that the choice not to vaccinate SHOULD come with consequences.  I stand by my words but not your twisting of them.   And I accept that consequences can go both ways.  If a health care provider did not approve of my choice to vaccinate, or my choice to delay certain vaccinations, that provider could choose not to work with me.  That would be fine.  I would accept that.  If an immunocompromised person didn't want to be...
That's pretty presumptuous and close to a personal attack.  I am well aware that choices I have made in my life come with consequences.  I accept that and make my choices accordingly.
I'm not ignoring you but as I wrote above, I'm not going to debate vaccine safety on this thread about terminology.  I explained what I saw as the difference between "pro-vaccine" and "pro-compliance".
 I'm not really comfortable discussing too much on this thread, because I'd really prefer that this thread focus on terminology instead of ideology, but I don't want to ignore you either. What I really want, if I was able to be in charge of the world and everything in it, is for people to believe that vaccines are safe and effective so that they would not WANT to opt out.  That's what being pro-vaccine means to me. I believe that vaccination should not be compulsory.  I...
 My daughter will be 12 next month, and for the past few years we have not had a typical party but have invited a few friends to do something special -- one year it was manis/pedis, and I think this year we will be going to a very fun restaurant.
 I vaccinate fully (including flu shots) and mostly on schedule and I would not choose this doctor.  I don't care for his approach, but it's his practice and just like I have a right to choose him or not, he has a right to choose me or not.
Godwin's Law: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/godwins-law
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