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If it comes up I will say that is not something we do in our house at all and that I believe it is wrong. If they want to continue to discuss it, I have no problem because I am confidant in what I am doing, and even if my reasons aren't compelling for that other person, that's fine too. I think you can talk about what works for you and why you made that choice without sounding preachy, but part of that is that you have to be ready to accept she may not agree with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by E.V. Lowi I agree! It's tiresome. Maybe the threads could be merged? It's a lot of talk going between the threads too.
Quote: Originally Posted by MadameXCupcake Is this the pool drain article? http://news.aol.com/health/article/p...easures/307757 That reminds me of the story Guts by Chuck Palahniuk[author of fight club]. I liked that short story as gruesome as it is but I love all Chuck Palahniuk. I never thought about that actually happening though. The short story is available all over online for anyone curious but its very dark. I didn;t check the lin,...
Oh yeah totally. If you are worried about the stains, there are liners you could get for those first few poops.
I had my first with a planned c/s because they freaked at the u/s(u/s guestimated him at 13#, cnm at 10#) and he was 11# when he was born. I never felt right about it and eneded up doing a lot of research and found that the biggest problem is that ob's aren;t trained to deal with this. It's every generation after docs graduating in the 70's have never been taught the different tricks that midwives know. I would start with Ina May Gaskin, but there are some other moves...
Will he drink an apple/prune juice mix? I would try that too. I have an infrequent guy and yes, it can turn into an issue if you are not careful.
No do not break the law. It's not worth it. If you do, it will follow you for the rest of your life and for your families security you need to be thinking about the longterm effects of this. Do you have a lawyer? Can you get an extension? If you do not have a lawyer, can you get one?
I gave up trying to use natural deoderants so I use conventional stuff, but I still have to switch brands every other time because they quit working by the end of the stick. As for the baking soda, my aunt was using that(and brushing her teeth with baking soda) and actually ended up with a b vit deficiency because of the baking soda, so you do want to be careful with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by YesandNo It'd be like my high school years........... I'd be lonely. And I'd feel like a weirdo. Same here
I battled thrush off and on and what I finally found work for the long term was this:go braless as long as possible to keep air flow air dry your breast after nursing cut out all sugar and simple carbs I found GSE(grapefruit seed extract) very effective Wash everything in vinegar I also took raw garlic(chopped into little pieces) check out Kellymom.com, they have a great tip sheet on dealing with thrush Are you putting anything on your nipples?
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