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Oh Calidris, I am so sorry mama, my heart goes out to you are your family. :
Quote: Originally Posted by peacemamma I've been wondering this myself - am I offering too much? I'm still learning cues as well. But, I've always heard that a b/f baby won't eat if they aren't hungry. Hopefully, that is the case. Babies nurse both for nutrition and comfort. Both are very important for the development of a child. You cannot ever nurse a baby too much. What you are teaching your baby by nursing them for comfort is that your baby...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamadelbosque How do you 'get' a sourdough starter? I'd love to try sourdough, but I just don't 'get' how you create a starter for it?? The only bread pans I have are glass and they've turned out fine loaves thus far, but I do make sure to grease them well before hand, and pull the bread out as soon as its done I am going to try this, http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/233
The root of the significance of only being part indian comes from govt policy. You could only register with the tribe if you were full blood, and if you were mixed between tribes, you were still only considered half indian. Basically it was a really convenient way for the government to get out of it's responsibility towards treaties it signed with different tribes and it also was used to take land and parcel it up from the reservations.
Listen to your insticts mama, you are right on with this. It is so very important to feed on demand, especially in the first weeks of a new baby because you are establishing your milk supply. keep up the great work!!!
Bread making totally has a learning curve. I can't tell you how many batches it took before I knew what the dough should feel like. I haven't made bread in a long time,. but after spending awhat seems my lifesavings at the grocery store today, I think this is the week I start making my own bread again. I am lucky though, the whole family loves a good crusty bread so sourdough or and artisan are in.:
I leave them on.
I used Softbums with ds2 and they are by far my favorite. Super trim, easy to use. We ended up using them as trainers for him too.
Quote: Originally Posted by sedalbj does anyone know how much 'big toy' was involved in this, or how much money they 'paid' to have this go through? i have seen on other boards, people saying, but it hurts the big manufacturers and retailers too! i don't believe it. whatever they have to spend to comply (which is much less because of the exemptions they have worked into the law for them) they will make back because their competition from smaller firms...
One of the podcasts they showed on the show was a robot footstool. My son is now determined that we are going to build a robot footstool for ourselves, with a cooler in it, lol. Even my 4yo was totally into it. Ah, I love building stuff, so much fun!
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