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I was cleared to start EPO at 36 weeks. With my last baby, I took 3000mg a day. 2 1000mg pills orally and 1 vaginally. I've started with the same dosage this time, but I was wondering what was the dosage you took/take of EPO? I'm thinking around 37-38 weeks, I'll do 2 oral and 2 vaginal. What do you think?
I did these things. I took calcium and magnesium, cranberry supplements, and well timed intercourse.   After 2 boys, I'm having a girl!! So it worked for me!!
 Did you get them while you were pregnant? I got them with my last pregnancy but they went away after he was born. I have them back again (I'm 23wks) and they are worse than last time. They go from inside my vagina all the way down my right leg to my ankle! Will they go away again or am I doomed to them for life? They are really making sex painful as well, is that "normal" for that?   sigh. I love being pregnant. I love being pregnant. :P
wow. I'm so so very sorry for your loss of your sweet baby.
From the 774 they went to 2814 after a week. 2 days after that to 3242. 2 days after that I am now at 4817.   I'm so sad. I just want to know that this baby is going to be okay, or I just need for it to be over so I can have my life back. :(
Thank you for your response! I hope that is the case for me as well. I just want everything to be okay and I want to know that NOW! lol
Have any of you experienced this and still had a positive outcome to your pregnancy? I am 5w5d and I have very low and slow to rise betas. On Wednesday, 23DPO, my beta was 630. 48 hours later, it had only risen to 774.  I'm terrified at what I believe this means.  I'm sure I will lose this baby. I'm trying to stay positive because at least they are going UP and not down. I don't have any symptoms of miscarrying, never bled at all. The doc doesn't seem crazy optimistic,...
I'm out. AF reared her ugly head just now. :(
Thanks guys! ttcgirl, my temps went below coverline this morning, so I'm sure I'm going to start today. :(  My cm is basically dry too, so I guess that would be a sign of nothing too. lol   Oh well. Next month, I hope!   Thanks for the help!   And, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you think I still have a chance? I'm 11 DPO now. I never usually go past 12.  
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