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This happened to my son. We would just keep detaching it and applying Vaseline or Polysporin to it. My ds2 had an adhesion one time, and once we detached it and kept up with the vaseline, it didn't reattach. My ds1, he had it pretty bad.
But I have no idea where to start. I believe my 1yo is having food allergies. I cut out dairy from both of us, but his facial rash isn't going away. So I am going to take him off solids completely, and do an elimination diet myself. But I don't know what I can eat!! Can you help me???
When ds2 was about 2mths old, he started sucking his thumb. I would nurse him, put him down on the bed, he'd roll over and put his thumb in his mouth and go to sleep. It was INSANE! I was so happy. It didn't last. Now he can't sleep without the boob in his mouth thru the nite!! lol He's now almost 1 year old.
My baby is 11mths old. He is 20lbs and 29 inches long. He's been 20lbs since he was about 6 months old. He's grown a couple of inches since then, but has been the same length for about 2 months. He's hitting his milestones and seems developmentally perfect. But he's just not getting bigger. Is this normal??? Did your baby stall in growth, especially once they start becoming mobile?
Quote: Originally Posted by NYMOM07 why dont you just get it diagnosed by a doctor? what is the harm in at least knowing for sure what you are dealing with? No harm. I did bring him in on Sunday, but that was before it spread down to his trunk. It's gone now.
That's interesting, as initially they thought milk. but he hasn't had milk in a week and it's still spreading. now it's gone to his arms and legs.
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?ai...3&l=c83f747a4f people keep telling me they think it is. I have no idea. what do you think?
So my 11mo baby started with a rash on his face. I thought it was a milk sensitivity, since he had just started trying out some homo milk. The rash got worse thru the week and more itchy. On Friday, he started with a fever that finally broke on Monday. Then the rash spread to his torso, but not beyond that. Nothing on his arms and legs. His face has gone from pimply to patchy and very itchy. I brought him to the doctors twice. The first time was last Wed, and she thought...
i had BV constantly while prego with ds2. No GBS though.
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