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DDcrasher....i'm so sorry for your loss. i am praying for a peaceful birth for you.
find a new doctor. the fact that you are only 17 weeks and not even delivering vaginally, i just don't understand WHY he would even think of doing an internal anyway!! if you have a history of preterm labour, maybe. but wow. no, find a new doc.
i do! he's almost 10mths and rarely makes a peep. only making ONE discernible which is MAMA! doesn't say anything else just yet. He will babble a LITTLE bit, but not too much. he's just quiet!
i'm with ya. my left is at least a cup bigger than the right. i've tried many things to increase the supply, but the size hasn't ever changed back to what it was. it sucks and it's VERY noticeable.
i had this with both of my pregnancies. they say it's common of mothers carrying boys. i didn't get mine till the end, but it was horrible. i feel for you!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ChristyMarie I've been informed that I have an uncluttered house and am supposed to post pics on this thread. My son's bedroom and...
I'm definitely not liking my new smell!! lol that stays as long as you take it, right?? lol
did it make you sick? I felt HORRIBLE yesterday and I'm wondering if it was the Fenugreek. I bought it on Tuesday. took 2 doses then. One dose yesterday morning. And I felt horrific so I didn't take any since yesterday morning. I still feel a little wonky, but not as badly as yesterday. I'm going to wait a few days and try it again. Did anyone else get sick from taking the Fenugreek? I'm kinda running out of options here! lol
i think it's a bit of an overreaction. but i live in Ontario, where we room-in with our babies. i am SO grateful for that!! there is very little room for a baby switch where i live. maybe that is something that should be considered more in the US?
my water broke like that both times. with my first, they induced me with Pit. second time, i used a double breast pump and went into full active labour in 15 minutes, baby born in 3 hours.
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