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So, it's that time of year again, summer camp sign up. In the past, my daughters have gone to a local day camp. My dh went to overnight camp every summer starting at age 8 when he was growing up, and has really fond memories and made some lifelong friends. He really wants the girls to have a chance to go, and I was sure they would NOT want to, so I gave in this year and said we could ask the girls what they want to do. We showed them two day camp websites, two...
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Many prayers and positve thoughts for a healthy pregnancy for you and your babies. I'm sorry to hear of your previous losses.
Wow, that is awesome!!! Is it hard to get the hang of it? What kind of wrap is it?
Welcome to the board and congratulations on making the decision to adopt! We adopted our daughters from Russia, so I don't have specific advice about Ethiopia. The pp gave you some great information. As far as speeding things up, one thing that doesn't really speed things up but may help prevent roadblocks is keeping really, really good records of all your paperwork, written logs of conversations with agencies, etc. Becoming very informed through adoption websites, blogs,...
They sound so cute and smart. I know the michevous stuff probably doesn't seem cute right now, but when I look back on my daughter's at that age, there's something about their independent thinking and problem solving emerging at that age that still amazes me. My daughter, Sarah, used to cut everything. We hid the scissors repeatedly, and she would find them every so often. We still joke with her today about the time she cut the curtains. One day her older sister,...
- Onesies - Onesies with overalls - A button down shirt (small buttons that she can't undo) OVER the overalls - Fleece sleeper (cut off the feet), put on backwards (zipper in back), if necessary a small diaper pin securing the zipper Can you tell we had a huge problem with this in the past???? My daughters are now 8 and 10...and now keep their clothes on without complaint :-)
That is so funny, I'm sure it will become a favorite photo in the years to come. Definitely gets creativity points!!
I've been having difficulty going, but it sounds like you've got it even worse with having to go and then not being able to go. Sorry!! ((((((((hugs)))))))) Adina
New Posts  All Forums: