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Well, sure, they all survived, except for the ones who died of the flu, and measles, and polio....
You're relying on herd immunity. You just don't realize you're relying on it.
You know what's also a game of Russian roulette? Choosing not to vaccinate, and relying on herd immunity brought about by vaccination to keep your child safe.   How do you know your kid won't be one of the kids who dies of the flu? Of measles? Of meningitis?
Yep, I appreciate the honesty.   And hey, it's not like we live in a society or anything, right? Survival of the fittest! Screw everyone else! What a beautiful sentiment, gentle mamas.
  On the off-chance you are being sincere: the antibody does not cause disease, the virus does. That is well-established. The antibody confirms exposure to the virus. AIDS is not a lie. And if you are getting medical information from Youtube, you are making an enormous mistake.
  I don't think that everyone should necessarily make a decision about this community based on any particular stance of MDC...but for me (and for many people), the idea of participating in a forum where the official position is that HIV does not cause AIDS, and that pregnant moms should NOT take antiretroviral medications, and that moms with HIV should breastfeed NO MATTER WHAT, even if they have access to clean water and ample formula, is unsavory. I am okay with...
That is a really good question. If Mothering's official stance is contrary to the accepted scientific consensus on HIV/AIDS, they owe it to the online community to make that clear. If their stance has changed over time, they should make that clear as well.   Be brave and state openly what you believe in, so that people can make informed decisions about whether they wish to participate in this community.
Hey, guess what? Breastfeeding was so hard for me, and caused so much stress, that my relationship with my son was absolutely miserable the whole time I was still trying (and failing) to make it work. Once I stopped nursing, our relationship improved 100%. So you can keep your pity.
My son got formula from birth AND I was thrilled to go back to work when he was 12 weeks old. I am pretty icky, I guess. But here's what I don't get. Parenting has knocked me on my ass SO hard that I have learned to pretty much not judge much of anything other parents do when they are acting out of love and concern. How is it that so many of you have NOT learned that lesson? That's what I judge...people who tsk tsk tsk other parents who love their babies. Some people...
My son had this exact issue, and it about drove me insane. I totally understand how you feel. My son is 7 months old now and totally fine in the car, but for about 3.5 months he would SCREAM anytime he had to ride anywhere. Is your baby in a bucket seat? For us, changing from the bucket to a convertible seat made all the difference--I guess the angle in the bucket was uncomfortable.
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