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OMG adorable! I especially love the pic with Kara in the purple hat.  Congratulations!
I am 40 weeks this week and in Delaware where part of my city has been evacuated and there is a driving ban as of this morning.  I am hoping baby holds out until at least Wednesday!  To be able to birth at the birth center with my midwife, the driving ban has to be lifted first.  If it's not, we will have to either call an ambulance and go to the hospital or have an unassisted homebirth.     I hope both our babies wait it out Bmorefarmgirl!  Best of luck to all in...
Congratulations and welcome to baby Jack!  Thanks so much for sharing your story!
I am having the same problem!  I am due 10/28 and from the beginning I have told myself she probably will not be born until November.  But in the last week or so I have gotten so impatient!!  if you find out how to bring back my calm, collected patience let me know!
My birth center recommends 3 cups of red raspberry a day in the third trimester to help tone the uterus.  I have been doing a mix of rrl, nettle and then adding decaf pomegranate for flavor.  It has been great and I have only had braxton hicks once since starting that routine!
Fuzzy, but here I am at 26 weeks, 3 days
I would like to have another after our first is born but we are unsure of what the future will will bring financially.  We used IVF to conceive this one after trying on our own for 5 years.  We do still have 5 embryos frozen, but each transfer is expensive.  If we don't end up using them our plan is to donate them to another couple who can. I always imagined I would have 2-3 kids and it will be hard to let go of that dream.  I know I should be thankful that we are even...
Thanks ladies! I think the consensus is we will sanitize the bottles and get new nipples.  Our dishwasher has a sanitize cycle and I plan on doing it by hand once too, probably with vinegar.
I was given a box of bottles by a friend who picked them up at a yard sale with me in mind.  They are actually a kind I would like to try, Dr Browns and some are glass, which I like. I found what looks to be like mold at the bottom of the box.  I did not see any mold on the bottles.  Do you think if I sanitize them a few times it will be ok?  Thanks in advance for any input!
Dandy, he is beautiful!  I am so happy to hear he is doing well.  What a trooper! I wish you the very best.
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