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Gentian violet is what I was taught in school. My friends grandbaby had a persistant yeast infection and they tried all the otc and RX creams with no success. I told her about GV and it cleared right up.
Thanks everyone for your replies. She decided to go ahead with CD so I ordered an assortment from GMD. I got prefolds, fitteds, the Sposo AIO, and an assortment of covers. My other daughter (they're twins) just had a baby 9 weeks ago but she wasn't interested in using cloth. Now that she has heard me talk about it she wants to try them too. Her baby is going to be the tester for the assorted types of CD.
I have been researching cloth diapers for my pregnant daughter and I see lots of comments about smelly diapers. Do all diapers get smelly or just the ones with polyester? How often do they need stripped? My big question is are cloth diapers really better than disposables? I know they are cheaper and better for the environment but if they weren't are they really better?
At 41 weeks nst twice a week and weekly AFI.
Zoloft is my number 1 choice, Paxil is second. If a mom has a history of PPD or depression I prescribe at 36 weeks to give the med time to work before delivery.
I had 2 pushing at the same time so I left the primip pushing with the nurse to go be with my other pt. When I came back in the room the nurse was doing "the both hands in the vagina stretching thing." I hate that. Needless to say I asked her to stop.
Thanks for the advice to not buy a bunch right away. That's exactly what I was going to do. Excited grandma would have gone out and bought a whole diaper system but everyone is right about waiting. I think we'll get some CPF, some different covers, and a few other types just to see what works best. Thanks again for the advice.
I'm going to be a new grandma and my daughter is interested in cloth diapers. I would like to know how people like using them. Which styles or brands work the best and are easiest to use. I'm new to the world of cloth diapers and there are so many styles to choose from. Are fitted better than prefolds? They seem like they would be but I don't know. I'll buy my daughter whatever ones she wants but she's not sure either. Any suggestions?
Thanks for your answers everyone. I'll go ahead and order some. Now on to research cloth diapers.
My daughter is newly pregnant and I want to buy her some belly bands. Has anyone here worn them? If so do you like them. Are all brands the same? I see alot of my pt's wearing these now and it looks like a great idea.
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