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Thank you for the reply.  I have been trying to get over my sadness about it and resolve to continue pumping until he is a year if he doesn't go back to breast.  I hate pumping while he climbs around in my lap watching...just doesn't make sense.  I have yet to kindof wake him up with the breast, but maybe tonite...he is just such a bad sleeper I hate waking him and pissing him off!  
OP - just wondering if you have any follow up on this situation.  My 9 mo is on strike as well, has been 10 days of him screaming and arching his back when I even sit down with him or reach for my bra clip.  Hoping for some insight =)
what a long time to labor!  I'm sorry you did not have quite the birth you hoped for, but it sounds like you and your body did a great job with the birth you had!  congrats to you and your partner!  enjoy your sweet baby!!
MommyBecky - are you sharing your birth story?  Would love to read it...one push, yay! 3times - I think when DH is home, I get more frustrated because I expect him to work on all the things I don't have time for, and he wants to relax =).  Can't believe you are back to watching extra kiddos.  I am having a hard time dealing with crabby, jealous DD and keeping her from hurting the little one! AFM - We are making it thru the days.  Owen is a pretty good sleeper only...
Did she mean to say sleep  2 hours MAX?  That would make more sense to me if she said don't let her sleep too long.  My first DD had pretty bad jaundice and I was supposed to feed her every 2 hours, it is rough, cause you aren't getting much sleep then either!  Good Luck!  If baby is doing well, I would think going with her needs would be okay, rather than scheduling at this young age.
What a wonderful story!  Sounds like you had a great birth experience, thank you for sharing.  Congratulations to you and your DH for staying calm and doing everything that needed to be done!
Soo cute...look at that smile!  congratulations, sounds like you had a wonderful birth.  Can't wait for the long version =).
MommyBecky - Hope you get your back right and are able to keep on with your nesting =).  Isn't it amazing the energy and motivation surge you get!  Be careful and don't tire yourself out too much!
Precious!  I can't remember if you knew you were having a girl?  How big was she?
Awesome!  Congratulations 3times!  That is so cool that you were the one to catch your babe! 
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