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NAK goat/sheep farmer here our animals are very very happy, and i think that is often the case. i have been to goat/sheep factory farms with sick, over crowded very unhappy goats and sheep. its common practice to feed them on machines and grain not grass/hay, indoors.... so to answer your question- no, not all goat is happy meat.
we are 3 plus a dog in 20X40 and its waaayyy to big. we run laps and are looking for ways to make it look more cozy/full.
never. we use hylands teething tablets. they work great.
no way. we do much more time per day in the ergo than that. babies have been carried like that forever, wrapped around mama/papa - they all turn out fine.
that is too cute.
playful parenting! You must must must read it. its worth the time spent! changed my view on these types of things. all i can say is- the demanding play is what he needs- its a form of therapy, he is processing things that need to be processed. Its really important you play HIS WAY i cant go into it all now- but read the book youll be happy you did.
I have always thought about adopting, but im not sure people with our lifestyle would be able to get through the system? could we afford it? Im a SAHM and dh makes about $25,000 per year. We live on my parents property, in our own house. Do they require a certain income? Does our house have to meet codes of some kind? Its an old house...not bad, just not up to "code". What do they look at exactly? also, is there someway to do it without spending a fortune? I was...
I like oxfam style giving but for kids its not hands on enough, i want something more personal. I had this idea that we could all sit together as a family and collect stuff in a box that we want to ship to an orphanage. We could send toy, drawings, clothes, books, what ever fits as a new christmas tradition. things we already have, that we could share. Do you think it would arrive? Would the kids get it or would the workers just take it? I heard that most things go...
nak hum... interesting. dh did "ups and downs", i nursed. we had different ways to get dd to rest. i think it was really important that i let dh do it his way- because he bonded with her, and she learned to calm down with him. it was the early stages of them learning how to communicate, and working the kins in their relationship. You cant do that for them, not now, not ever. i would tell him in a nice way once that you really find baby wearing works well for your...
just put this on another post but we tried lovey bums, bum genius, kissaluvs, prefolds, bamboo, i dont remember what all and I LOVE tiny tush! They are the ONLY thing that keeps my DD dry at night. she wakes up and the liners and SOAKED but the layer against her skin is soft and dry no leaks yet. she is 15 months and sleeps at least 12 hours in the diaper. love them
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