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I'm also looking for info about Essure. I did find some horror stories online and I'm looking to see if anyone on here has experiences. 
I'm think about Essure -well I'm sure, hubby is still thinking. Has anyone had this procedure done? I don't like chemical birth control. we've used a diaphragm for 9 years and I'm not at all interested in using one again for long term BC. I'm done having kids unless my hubby decides he wants to try for a boy. Pregnancy is very uncomfortable fir me and we had a traumatic experience after our newest was born. So I'm hoping he can be done too. So Essure seems like thevest...
I'm having a hard time making my secondhand stash work for my long baby. I've got lots of infant prefolds but the wool covers I thought would work are just too puffy. She's got very skinny legs also so getting a tight fold on a baby that hates diaper changes is really hard. I've got BumGenius OS for after Addie gets a little bigger. I'm thinking about keeping the disposable dipes around until then. But that also makes me feel like a sell-out. Ugh. Hormones aren't helping...
-shaved my legs. - showered regularly. - worn anything more than lounge clothes except once. - cooked a meal. How about you?
Quote: Originally Posted by RedOakMomma I can't imagine how scary that must have been. How much did she end up weighing? She was 10 lb 0.4 oz and 21.5 inches long. Not my biggest but the longest. She was also posterior.
Hit me with your best ideas! Dog urine in carpet and an upholstered chair, it still stinks after store bought sprays and powders didn't work. Help!
From my blog: For the two weeks leading up to my due date, I was having contractions pretty regularly. Addie had also moved down, which was great, but it was also causing her to put pressure on nerves in my hip joints. I was increasingly uncomfortable every day. My doctor, while giving me more space than I ever expected she would, was getting nervous about the size of the baby. I was due on Friday September 24. On Tuesday Sept. 28, I had a check-up and my doctor asked to...
Born 10-1-10 at 7:30 pm, 10 lb 0.4oz 21 inches, after 15 hours of labor with pit and epidural. Following birth was 2 horrific hours of trying toclear her lungs and get her breathing. Shes fine now. I hemmoraged badly and am nowrunnng a fever so we are staying in the hospital until tomorrow. Fullbirth story to come!
Grrrrrr... I was scheduled for induction at 7 am and got bumped by two women who have cervixes that WORK! Now I have another NST at 2 pm and will try for induction tomorrow morning. At my 38 wk ultrasound, baby was estimated at 9lb4oz. That was 3 weeks ago. Howbig might she be now?!
Had contrax all evening just to have them fade off when I laid down to rest. I lost done more chunks of mucus plug but no bloody show yet. I don't think I usually have any show until my water breaks. Off to grocery shop and walk this morning, hoping to get thing to pick up again. Sometimes I think about the pain to cone and realize that I don't want to do this! Lol too late now, right?
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