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Have you looked at http://www.schoolexpress.com? They have lots of fun lesson workbooks and worksheets that you can print. I know my kinder/1st grader and preschool really enjoy then when I print them out. They also have an email program and each week they email a free workbook and next week is on the Sun.   We also like the Read and Learn Science books.
I am located in Oregon and we are in our first year of K12 and we love every minute of it. My daughter is in Kindergarden but was able to finish and is starting 1st grade now.   I was worried that with running a daycare and homeschooling her that k12 would be hard or take a lot of time but I don't feel it does. We have a great routine going and it has worked well with us. I love how once they know the information you can skip ahead and take the test that goes with...
Way to Go!!! Just think that tought the kids a good lesson as well.
Ok Duh...I guess I was too fast. I did the Poll as well.
hummm Lets see...My DS is 9 and can... 1. Brush Teeth on his own with reminding (You think they would remember these things) 2. Shower alone 3. Dress Self and choose his own clothes but still ask if they look ok and match 3. Tye own shoes
Yes I understand what you are going thru. I have a 9 year old son who has had trouble from First grade to current. His handwighting is hard to read, he can't copy from the board and if he does it is not always correct and we have spelling issues and such as well. To make is all worse he has issues focusing due to the fact that he can't always figure it out or follow what is going due to other things or noises that he gets in trouble at school for talking, moving ect....
I hope someone chimes in on this. I want to home school my daughter now that she is getting to that age and both dh and I work full time same shift. My son goes to public school and I hate it,he loves it so I would leave him but how would I work the other? I want to use K-12 for homeschooling so I was thinking I would have to find someone or a group somewhere that I could send my daughter that could mentor her during the times I work and then we could follow up when I get...
Is Vingar better for cleaning the kitchen then 1 part bleach to 3 parts water? I have just started using a bleach mixer to clean but if Vinger works just as well and is safer than I would love to use that. Right now I use it to get the smell of dog pee out of the carpet and to rinse my hair once a week when I use baking soda to get the chemicals out.
Quote: Originally Posted by janinemh I am looking to meet some parent's and kiddos as well. We live south of Canby--SE of Aurora. I have one 3.5 year old DS That is great janinemh, I have a little girl who is almost 5 and a DS who is 9.5. I hope we get some more response so we can set up a day to head to the park and meet.
I am not a complete beginner as in my younger years I was really into fitness but Like you I could eat anything and not gain a pound now fast foward to now and I am in my 30's with 2 kids and I have to watch eveything I eat. For me I am walking 3 days a week and working out with a Fitness coach on the WII 2 days a week I have doing walking for a month now and the fittness for 2 weeks and I can already tell a diffrence. I am not always sore after a work out but I am...
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