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Thanks! I look forward to other bits of input too... Im sure Id line it or the bottom. I only watched or found a few videos on troughs being used.. we live on a farm so it could totally be used afterwards for something, even as a raised garden bed for herbs or something. Anyhow, I was looking to see what sizes were available and height, Im 5'9" and like to labor on my knees... so Im trying to find one that isn't too shallow...   other option, finding a free/cheap blow up...
Hey ladies.   so Im dancing around the idea of using a birth pool for this babe. I want to use a trough. I think the inflatables aren't sturdy enough to be set up in a house ahead of time, with 4 other little ones running around... so Im opting for a hard sided pool.   have any of you used a trough? did you like it? can you compare it to anything else? advice on lining it?   thanks mamas ~T
Our DD3 was born in the caul during vaginal birth... its very cool to see  ( slightly different then c section and being removed in the sac). This is a amazing photo of this. Have any of you ladies gave birth to babies in the caul?
thanks. they are actually not even maternity pants at all... they are Merona ( target brand) I got them at a bag sale... they are comfy. Jeans always fall down on me, and my mama skirts don't fit at all... so stretchy ones are what I got left. I cant believe Ive made it 30 weeks, its amazing. I reflect a lot on how happy and thankful I am since I had lots of bleeding and stress about that in the beginning, totally thought I was not going to carry long if at all. I feel...
Bare Belly... AHHHhhhhhh....  29 weeks
we are doing good here too. I haven't really done much as far as prepping... ehh... we usually don't use much. I do plan on ordering more tinctures soon, and maybe converting our horse trough into a birth tub? we will see Im still meditating on that, how I want to do it, IF I really want to go thru all that work of filling it , will I even want to birth in it... IDK... not too much to report here, but Im happy to see we have a small handful of UC mamas!
wonderful , I looked  into it and Id need to open a group ... with a "Friend" so Id need to add a initial friend to it. my FB name is Barefoot Gypsy... or you can message me with your FB user and Ill try to add you that way... lets give it a whirl!
sorry, UP unassisted Pregnancy. meaning I don't rely on anyone for prenatal care, I do that all myself. blood pressure/urinalysis , diet, all the goodies a "professional" would offer. UC is unassisted childbirth. not relying on anyone for assistance in labor/delivery. No one will attend the birth except myself and hubby. there are lots of descriptions for UC, but to us ( hubs and me) unassisted means just that. no medical "professionals"
Im here.. Im on FB more too. but I do check in here every now and then... talking about FB... what is the FB group??? Id like to be added ;)
I know lots of you hate FB. I too have a love hate relationship with it ;) but for me its easier to navigate and a bit more convenient for us... So, those that would be interested. I wouldn't mind opening a FB group. that would be either closed, or secret for security aspect I guess...   Ill see who is interested, if any and then go from there Peace and Light everyone ~T
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