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Our baby was born with the sac totally intact, I have been researching how rare it is and what a special blessing it is to be born that way, anyone else know more on this...
deleted. thank you
LOL, we moved from there and I havent changed my location yet... we both grew up in the LV area, and then, lived in Danielsville for 6 yrs, now we are out in central PA.      
  born 12:50 am into her daddies hands, 6 hr labor, 8lb 1 oz..update more later
Im sure your holding your little one by now! but best of luck mama! cant wait to see your bundle :)
I already posted about this but the long version I will plant here. My mom and dad are going to be camping out at our place the end of this week, actually bringing their camper and camping... yes!!!! in our front yard, yes I am due the end of the week.   Today I didnt answer my phone till later in the day to check messages and I see my dad called. well guess what he asks.... "I called twice, I didnt hear anything , I thought you had the baby"...
  Oh man! that would prove to be a interesting delivery! better prepare for a homebirth just in case!  It would be lovely if us mamas could pick a week at least for our babes to be born... wouldnt it?!?! LOL.   This week week/end will be busy for us too.. Not that I want it to be though. My parents decided they are coming up to our house to "camp" which they have done in the past, they know Im due this weekend, and I REALLY dont want them "hanging out". we are planning...
  This week is my "EDD" Or what I consider " EDW" Im pretty sure NOTHING will happen soon... BUT I am soooo ready to met my new little person! I am "due" the 25th , so friday really. But who knows really. My babies are/were all Overachievers of the Uterus!  I am sort of thinking that September he/she will show up? It was such a beautiful day today I couldnt help but take a picture. I LOVE the way the clouds look and the overgrown grapes are hanging, turning green to...
YOUR NOT ALONE on this one at all..... I am totally feeling like a bitchy wife, mama, citizen... I dont know how to remedy it, and I hope that people around me understand. Things my DD's do drive me insane! even my youngest DD's whining makes me upset... HUGS mama!
Oh I hear you too. I went to the bank today and the teller asked when I was due, I told her next week. her reply... "oh we thought so, you looked miserable the other day when you were in here" ... OH thanks!  
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