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Yes, UP and UC... I had one hossy birth, One midwife homebirth , and 2 UP/UC's  nope no intention of anyone else but DH ( maybe) around
Yepper! we are planning our 3rd UC. this is baby #5  glad to see others interested in this awesome way of welcoming babe earthside...
I had/have a Sub Chorionic Hemorrhage, around 7 weeks I bled so much that It ran down my leg into a puddle on the floor. just like that, no warning , no cramping, no nothing. I was scared! this is baby #5 and I never had anything like that. then the following week I had pink spotting.   All in all I was told "don't worry!" ha, yeah right. I still look for blood when I wipe after using the bathroom ;) Im 16 weeks... Its pretty common from what I understand and now I...
sounds cool. we are interviewing two midwives later-ish. IDK since we have had 2 UC's already that's where my heart is. I love the aspect of UC being that its just me and the hubs... I have previously given birth to my babes at night while everyone is sleeping . So its just him and me. Its good you have others to surround you. Personally I am a private birther and cant stand others in my "area" ;)
Im 29 and this is baby #5. I feel things happening earlier, like  baby belly for one! and the relaxin, my hips hurt... but other then that Im feelin fine. every pregnancy is different for sure. that's about all the advice I have ;)
this will be our 3rd planned UC. Im just curious as to other mamas planning on following this path...
thanks..I feel . okay. Im battling a horrible cold/flu right now. and with homeschooling the little ones I am really drained. Hubby isn't much help. I appreciate you allowing me to hop in here. thanks!
Hey all. Im hoping to hang with you ladies a while if its okay. Im a mama to 4  expecting #5. I am "due" at the end of April or early May... reason I say this is because we UC and don't go by a definite date... more or less a range ;)   I was over with the May ladies, but to be honest the group isn't really sending me good vibes... so Im hoping you ladies will adopt me and hopefully we will birth together , or at least in the same month...
Wee #5 .... about 13 weeks
Let me embarrass myself here. remember this is the 5th time my body has grown another person to this degree... 10 weeks. hard to believe that baby is about the size of a .... strawberry! LOL my body definitely knows how to look pregnant!
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