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Kylaskye ;) might end up being just you and me then mama! LOL
no worries, I was just asking... I don't care either way. just thought those that are on the "Evil snoop book" as you call it might enjoy checking in on there. Maybe I shouldn't have asked.
Hey ladies, the other DDC I was in has a FB page... its a closed group. Didn't know if we have one yet?
Hey all. I introduced myself sorta in the intro thread, but thought Id give you a mini intro here too ;) Im Mamatwo8 ~Tammy. We have 4 daughters, oldest is 6, 3,2,9 mths. Im 10 weeks pregnant ( or that's what it looks like on US) with #5... Im so excited!   thing is , I had some crazy bleeding about 2 weeks back, like ran down my legs, clots, but then stopped a few hrs later. followed by a day of pink spotting... then nothing. I went to the pregnancy recourse center...
Hey all!   Name is Tammy, this is wee Babe #5! ;) Im due around the end of April beginning of May I guess...
thanks, this was taken in the girls playroom/learning room... I just have been piling dipes in it for the past oh few weeks, generally they sit in it and read... It is a beauty. A friend on the family make it for their daughters baby, but she refused to use it and they were gonna trash it... I
Here we are about 37-38 ish weeks... depending on who ya talk too
this was from my Blessingway yesterday... not the best profile shot but I like it... about 36/37ish weeks...BIRTH season is upon us:joy
awesome! I always love when mamas opt for such a meaniful way to honor pregnancy and birth. looks awesome. seeing your pics  make me excited for our blessingway next weekend
Cool ^ we did a paper mache cast of my belly.... We ended up painting it like a leaf and doing tissue paper on the outside...   Here is our latest... guessing at least 34.5 weeks or more?
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