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wear them! LOL... yeah not a whole lot to do but cuddle and enjoy, besides the necessary feeding etc.... Gheesh I remember when we had just one... compared to know... Umm yeah, enjoy!
WOw, bummer IHH wasnt working, I just ordered from them Friday morning, order went thru and is shipped.... ehhh... good you got the stuff you needed.
I remeber seeing that too... not sure who it was...   BUT here are a few other businesses that weve bought from before...   Cascade In his hands Precious Arrows
My DH as "Pastor Fuzz" and me as the barefoot and pregnant Nun...   our kiddos...
Exciting huh?! this is #4 for us, so Id say we are pretty laid back about it, with youngest DD just turning one we have a lot of cloth, clothes, etc... definitely not freaking out or getting over anxious. Im reading more about emergency type things, inspirational stuff for my mind, preparing by knowledge I guess. I have 2-3 more things to order for the birth kit... other then that. Low key. Looking forward to bringing our wee one earthside unhindered, like its sisters....
The sweetest Strawberry, 1 yr old.
Our little Peanut... 2yrs old... doing her Pnut dance ;)
 Sunmaid Raisin Box- 5 yrs old.. bonnet, apron made by mama, hand painted box by mama and dad.
  SunMaid Raisin box  (5yrs) , Peanut ( her nickname) (2yrs)  and Little Strawberry(1 yr)
we are having a candy apple making gathering here tonight so we are dressing up and staying home , other families are coming over to hang out and say outta the rain... Im going to be a pregnant nun and DH is going to dress as a pastor... his little name tag reads "Pastor Fuzz" ;)  
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