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I will post on Monday. the beginning of my ":week" you all are so tiny compared to my fluff... Im not sure I wanna share now LOL
I was just loosing weight before I found out we are pregnant... but overall I am overweight. I gained a bunch with each preg, around 40lbs,lost some and then generally I become pregnant again, my kids are close... so i dont have time to loose weight, and BFing makes me hungry inbetween. I do intend to go back to vegetarian menu like I was before last year... so Im hoping eating my fav fruits . veg , beans etc will help keep things in check.   I also feel that weight...
Not sure if you can sense my frustration thru the computer but, today my DD spilled the beans to my mom, so I explained it a bit more. Mind you I was a bit nervous telling her, I sort of knew it would NOT go over well....   well I was right, youd think a bomb dropped on her side of the phone...   Her comments: "Ugh, boy ............." " Wow , your gonna have your hands full" "are you sure your gonna be okay with this" "Wow"   on and on. I know she is...
I am thinking I am going to cave on my want for a doppler, I have been on a few sites but the reviews seem to be sketchy on them all. any advice ladies?
Im not sure how far along we are, but I have a visit with a MW  4/26 , so we will see if she can tell me where I am, about... if not a guess a US is in store since I have NO clue.
Hey ladies, just wondering what the ages of your other kids are? this pregnancy was ,well, a total surprise- sorta. Heres how it went, youngest Daughter is 7 months, I told DH when we were talking about TTA , Id let it up to him  to be responsible for NOT spreading his seeds inside me..... Well guess what... it took 3 months from that date till now.... Anyways, its not a bad thing, we are both excited to add to the tribe... we knew we would have more kids, just not...
This will be our 3rd HB, maybe second unassisted.... we will see. youngest DD was unassisted 7 months ago.. we are not sure if we want a MW this time or not... hospital birth (unless emergency) is not a option for us.
we are planning on not telling for a while... maybe 12 weeks or so.. we havent told my parents, because I know they will think we are nuts or part rabbit... we have a 7 month old.... and two other daughters... I have told my hubs of course and one dear friend... other then that we are zippin it. I think since this will be our fourth it makes it touchy, like people are gonna think we are nuts or dont know how to not have kids...  
Hey Ladies, Im assuming I belong here, I really am not sure when Im due Either Nov/Dec/early Jan... If I decide to see a MW I guess she could give me a better Idea of when I due... anyhow here are our tests... they were super dark, super fast... so we will see I guess... I love looking at everyones photos .  
I just got our positive tests today... ummm in total surprise! I have a 5 yrs old, 2.5 yr old, 8 month old and am thinking we are due in late Dec/Jan... just wanted to say hi.
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