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Quote: Originally Posted by blizzard_babe TAFKAMT? (The Awesomeness Formerly Known as Mrs Turner) I also really like Barefoot Baker . Quote: Originally Posted by AnalogWife I saw a cute one on another website: Pinecone That really is cute! I'm going to mull all of this over before I make my decision. You have all given me great advice
I'd really like to get some chickens but I am clueless as to what to do with them. I live in a rural area and my house is set back from the road and enclosed with trees so I'd like them to roam free. I have a shed, can that be used as a chicken coop? It's really rickety though, I think I'd have to nail some boards to keep drafts out or something. Anyway, what do I do? Please tell me every little detail you can think of because I will be a complete...
Quote: Originally Posted by Limabean1975 If not barbecued, then roasted in the oven is also great. Asparagus is my fave, steamed, sauteed, grilled, roasted, whatever, delish!!! Another is butternut squash, mashed with butter & a little salt and maple syrup, or roasted.
What town are you in? Westerlo, south of Albany How old are your kids? 6,4, & 10months How did you find MDC? During pregnancies whenever I googled something I had such great search results which were posts from this forum. Are you interested in meeting other MDC moms? sure What's your favorite holistic place in your area? The Delmar Health Hut
Hhhmm you are all giving me great ideas... I'm thinking of: BarefootBaker CookinMomma Luvs2Cook BlessMyHeart As long as none of them have been taken. I'm still thinking
Ok I am not the best eater but I'll try to touch on the specific foods that you asked about... I can't afford organic for the most part. I have my kids eating fresh fruit as a snack at least twice a day and for their lunches at school I give them canned fruit in 100% juice. I don't allow them to drink too much juice in a day, one portion if that, and then it has to be 100% juice. We drink organic soymilk because I'm concerned about the hormones in milk. I think...
Slice them thinly and much on them raw Mash them with potatoes mmmm
I'm getting divorced I don't want to be Mrs. Turner anymore!!! I can't think of anything, help me!
Regarding tv, maybe Netflix has free trials? That could be useful for someone for a month, it's something that would be fun! Quote: Originally Posted by averysmomma05 I have been up all night SO sick! Been vomiting since 12am and I can't keep a thing down. hubby is leaving for work so I am alone with our 2 girls and I seriously just want to cry right now. I wish I could help you!!!
Hi everyone. I'm at an all-time income low. I'm divorcing my stbxh who is an alcoholic and hasn't worked in nearly 3 years. I have a home business that I'm now running by myself (I did most of it myself anyway) but it is only supporting itself right now so I'm working for peanuts. I'm looking for part-time outside work. I'm now on food stamps and going to find a food pantry. I've applied for public assistance. Good thing is that my electric bill has been cut...
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