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Thank you! I think I worry too much lol!
I'm having the 20 week u/s on Tues. I want my dh, 2 dd's and my mom to be present. I was going to call ahead and ask if it's ok to have them there, but I don't want to be told "no". I thought if I just go ahead and bring them that we'd have a better chance of being allowed. Have you ever heard of any kind of limit to how many ppl can be present?
Wonderful birth story, thank you for taking the time to post it, and congratulations!!!
Thanks everyone. I have yet to go to my new midwife's office, so I'll find out in a few weeks what the deal is there. With my 1st birth, the doctor asked me if I wanted to see it, which I did. Back then I didn't even think of taking it home!
Congratulations on your baby and a vbac!
Quote: Originally Posted by jeliphish start with some youtube videos of homebirth....see how she does with those. I thought my DD (2.5) would be horrified to see me give birth but she has become obsessed with watching homebirths on youtube and has since become so much more connected with my pregnant belly I've had the exact same thing happen with my dd, who is 5. I started off watching waterbirths with her on youtube, and she loved it, so I...
Thanks everyone! I'll have to ask my midwife
Thank you for sharing your story, I really enjoyed reading it. I'm sorry that it didn't go the way you planned, I know how disappointing that can be. Things happen sometimes that we just don't expect. Congrats on your precious baby
Great birth story, thank you for sharing!
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