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This is our first FD since the separation. I used to make a nice dinner, a cake with the kids, and had them make cards. Should I get them to make him cards? I have no desire to celebrate FD with him but I wouldn't want to hurt them in any way or confuse them. Do we, as the mothers, hold any responsibility in the celebration of this holiday for the sake of our kids? What do you all do?
Quote: Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife Love it! I've been wanting a new username myself. I like yours...wait a sec, are you not a drummer's wife anymore?
I have my settings on FB so that only friends can see photos (or anything else). My mother is freaking out because I have family photos of her on there. I'm going to delete them but I'm irked because I would open up my photo album at home to show them to any of my friends on FB. So, I'm voting that yes, I'd delete them, but I'm not happy about it
Quote: Originally Posted by harleyhalfmoon I was born with one last name, then, my Mother changed my last name to my Stepfather's last name. Twice. I was on my third last name before I hit my teens. I hated it, feeling like it didn't count who I was, I was to be changed whenever it was convenient for other people. Wow. I can really see now how unfair it is to do that.
Check me out!
you did so well! It's so tempting for me to engage. I've gone back to discussing everything through email too because he's too angry.
Quote: Originally Posted by thatgirliknew I have two questions for you lovely ladies: 1) Is anyone in this thread self-employed and on any government assistance? How does reporting income work? I can answer this one for NYS - I was just approved for Food Stamps and they had me fill out a worksheet (you give your head costs, gross/net income for 3 months) and give my bank statements. HTH
Quote: Originally Posted by SoulCakes As a child of divorce, I kept my dad's last name. As a divorced parent, I have SERIOUSLY considered lopping off one half of DD's hyphenated last name (don't care which half, I'd just prefer a single name). But whenever this thought crosses my mind I think of how she proudly introduces herself with first, middle, and both last names... it would just be unfair to chop it up. It's hers. I know you already changed your...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeannine If you ALSO make a show of changing their names to yours (IMO) that would be the adult equivalent of sticking your thumbs in your ears, waving your fingers around, sticking out your tongue and yelling, "Nah-nah-nah, boo-boo!" I see eye to eye with you except for here. I won't do it now that I can see from the posts here how it if from their perspective, but from my perspective, I AM the only competant...
Quote: Originally Posted by MissMaegie'sMama I am right there with you on changing your name after your divorce, but unless your children come to the decision to change their last name on their own accord, I think that it would probably be best for them to keep the last name they have currently. As you suggested, changing their name could potentially confuse them. More importantly, changing their name could take away some of their personal identity. Where...
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