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I was taking the sodium ascorbate powder made by Source Naturals. I think that the oxalate problem is something that built up over time. Once the symptoms showed up to alert me to a problem, it was too late. Kelly
Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know of my experience regarding high dose Vitamin C. I've been taking anywhere from 4-15 mg a day of sodium ascorbate for the last 3 years, depending on need. This last year I began having problems with my hands--they would get red and swollen throughout the day. I saw several doctors, none of whom could diagnose the problem. Turns out that I have developed an oxalate problem because Vitamin C can convert to oxalates in the...
Thanks, uccomama! Will do. Kelly
Thank you so much. We booked our tickets now that we know we can bring his food with us. I appreciate your taking the time to help. Kelly
Hi, My ASD son has a special diet and supplement regimen. We're considering a taking a trip next month which would require an all-day flight. From what my dh's been reading, the airlines don't let you take food on the airlines, and I can't imagine what they'd make of the powders in his supplement jars (calcium, digestive enzymes, etc.). Has anyone flown recently and had success getting food and supps on the plane? Thanks, Kelly
I'm so sorry you're going through this difficult time. Forgive my ignorance, but is mucus in the lungs the problem? If so, is it possible to give him something like Mucostop, an enzyme made by Enzymedica? It comes in a capsule which can be opened up and mixed with liquid, and it's supposed to go in and and do nothing but break up excess mucus without drying things out. I hope your little one finds relief soon. Hugs, Kelly
Hi sbgrace, you are awesome! Thanks for such a detailed response. I don't have but just a minute to respond right now, but I didn't want you to think I didn't see and appreciate what you wrote. I hear you about the iron--it doesn't seem like he'd need that much. However, this high oxalate problem is throwing a monkey wrench into it. When I dropped the iron dose (b/c of thinking I was giving him too much) to about 10mg a day, the twitching at night got worse. It...
granolamomma--we're just starting to work with a DAN! doc. We've had some phone consults and meet him for the first time next week. Hopefully he'll be able to help with all of this. Thanks for the link to the autismweb forum. I'll check it out. sbgrace--thanks for the offer to help. I always read your posts with interest and awe. You're so knowledgable. I'd be grateful for any suggestions you have. Here's the short(ish) version of things: We found out that ds...
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