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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my ds and this thread seems appropriate. Ds is 3 yo and has SID (Sensory Integration Disorder). He recently had some stomach/constipation problems and it started me wondering if he has leaky gut syndrome, gluten intolerance, or some other gut problems. Here are the relevant details: He craves bread/carbs/sweets like crazy--crackers, bread, grains, bananas, etc. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by myjo Ex libris, click on the link in my OP that said "interview with Dr. Glum". There is a case history in that article about a child with a particularly virulent form of leukemia who after lots of chemo, was put on Essiac instead. He did die, but the autopsy revealed that he died cancer free. The death was from chemo-induced damage. Wow. I truly believe that could happen after what my aunt experienced. She was...
: After reading this thread, I just know this is my problem. Luckily I have an appt in a few days with a ND/homeopath. I almost asked my MD for a prescription for prozac. I think I'll try the testing and natural route first. Thanks!
Definitely sodium ascorbate. Also, at the first sign of a cold, I give ds sambucol (elderberry). It's knocked out infections every time. I also give him high vitamin cod liver oil daily and bone broths frequently.
I would heavily research all treatment options and then make a decision. I just watched my aunt almost die from chemo that the dr. said she should get "just to be safe" (even though they felt sure they'd gotten all of the cancer in surgery). I'm definitely am skeptical of traditional therapies, but I wouldn't rule them out.
Quote: Originally Posted by i'mmykid'$mom Next time just say "We are religiously opposed to the practice of vaccination." Of course this only works if they don't ask you, as they did me, what religion I am. I guess I should have figured out ahead of time which religions might be opposed to vaxing! I was left with my tongue tied and mouth hanging open.
I just found this thread and had to post. I started brushing less than a week ago with ds, and it's been nothing short of a miracle for us. I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner! He's gone from being very hyper, unfocused, anti-social, and internally disorganized to just the opposite. He still has his moments when he gets overstimulated, but overall he's calm and, most important, he's able to focus and learn. He's saying and observing things he never has before and is...
I remember reading something in John Holt's _How Children Learn_ about this. He observed children asking questions that they already knew the answer to. He believes that they do this because it makes them feel more confident about their knowledge of the world. They know the answer in their heads and like hearing it confirmed. Perhaps this is what's happening with your ds. I should mention, though, that this kind of repetition can be a sign of other things (not to...
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