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I'm so glad to see this thread!  With my last pregnancy, I was pregnant in Fairbanks, Alaska, in an 800 sq ft apartment and  1 year old - in winter.  I did nothing for exercise.  I wanted to, but couldn't afford the Alaska Club (only one in town with child care), couldn't seem to make exercise work around DH's schedule as a grad student, struggled to find someone who could trade childcare . . . blah blah blah.  I felt terrible! So this pregnancy I've been biking my DD1 to...
I'm going to add fish to the no fly zone too.  I still can't take any prenatals with fish oil in them, and a few bites of fish last night kept me up dry heaving past midnight.  The piece was smaller than HALF of my palm, I really thought it would be ok.  *sigh*   I have a few gluten free friends who've sent me recipes, but I just don't know how much to invest in gluten free flours and substitutes.  I mean, this could all go away next week, or could be permanent.    
For a boy we're both leaning toward Simon.  It means 'to be heard' and with two *very* verbal, opinionated older sisters, this little one needs all the encouragement he can get!   If it's a girl we've got nothing.  This baby gets my initials and I haven't yet found a girl name that starts with an S that I like!
I'm there with you!  My first two pregnancies were pretty uneventful and now I have a 4 year old girl and 2 year old girl.  This pregnancy I'm much sicker, and my girls have learned that when I move quickly toward the bathroom, they have a few minutes to forage for forbidden snacks in the kitchen! Maybe I'm incubating a boy this time, maybe you a girl.  Or, as a friend of mine loves to tease me, maybe it's pregnancy #3 but babies #3 AND #4!
I'm a little late to the party, but I'm here and ready to roll!  I'M PREGNANT! Due in early April with baby #3.  This pregnancy feels wildly different from my others which were both girls.  So maybe I'm building a son?   The strangest thing for me, is that I'm suddenly unable to eat wheat.  No gluten of any kind.  It all bounces right back out or makes me utterly miserable for hours.  Does anyone here have any tips or help to offer for suddenly removing a staple part of...
Dr. Cordova   Oh wow, 4 kids!  Your screen name is very fitting, lol.  I hope you find someone just perfect for your family!
Have you found a Dr yet?     I recently had  a TERRIBLE experience trying to get in to Pediatric Pathways.  They might be non-vax friendly, but they were definitely not medicaid friendly.     But Healthy Habits Pediatrics was great.  I got in there quickly, they took my insurance without a problem, and Dr. Julie Cordova had no problem with our vax choices.     Congratulations on the new baby, btw.  How are you all doing?
I don't know what happened exactly.  We were walking in our friend's backyard, I stopped and turned to my toddler, and the carseat just fell off my arm!   It only dropped from waist level, and the baby was buckled in, and it did drop onto grass and soft dirt, but could she have gotten hurt?   She cried, I nursed her, she calmed down.  She cried after that and had a REALLY hard time getting to sleep, but once we went inside and out of the sun she was fine.  She's...
bump   Anybody want to weigh in?
DH and I took our girls (almost 2 years and 2 months) to Denali National Park today.  There is a free bus to see a sled dog demonstration.  It's an old school bus.  We get in line, and an employee brings me a convertible carseat and an infant bucket and tells me that both my girls MUST be buckled in to these seats.     We're about to drive a very short distance (just a few miles - many people walk it but we would have missed our train if we could do it at all) on a...
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