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With DD it was broken by my ob to speed up my labour. With DS it broke as I was pushing.
First, I hope you're feeling better. My question is if you see me having another child or if I'm done with the two babes I have?
Time to take it down. thanks for the comments
Thanks for the reply. I'm frustrated that I can't get a measurement from the people that took the silly ultrasound! I'm going to book in with a private clinic in a few weeks to get some answers because I don't trust the same people that didn't tell me anything the last two times to suddenly start with free flowing information. A few weeks will give me some time to grow too.
I'm beyond frustrated with the pre-natal care here! I'm almost 32 weeks and had an ultrasound today to confirm placenta position. I was told it was "touching" the os but not overlapping and unless I get to 3 cm I'll be having a c-section. I was not told how many cm I was no matter how many times I asked. All she would say was touching and that it is not placenta previa of any kind. So I could be anywhere from 0 cm to 3 cm I suppose. Anyways just wondering what anyone...
Not quite the same but I had retained tissue after a miscarriage and used acupuncture to avoid a d and c. I got some herbs too but I can't remember if that was for the tissue or to boost me up to get ready to ttc again.
We're in Hong Kong xiaohua. Where abouts are you? The government prenatal care is such a headache that I have no idea how anyone does it on the "proper" schedule. When you do deliver your partner is not allowed to be with you when you labour which is the silliest thing I have ever heard! They recently are allowed in during delivery but you do the rest alone. That in an of itself made me want to stay the heck out of the hospital if I could help it. I'm really happy to have...
I'm a Canadian living in Asia so I know exactly what you mean when you say "hands off" and "all natural" when it comes to birth here. I'm doing a big combo of things for this pregnancy. - I'm doing a lot of the simple weigh and measure things on my own. I have a doppler and blood pressure cuff so I've been doing exactly what they would do if I went to dr. - I went to the hospital (where they do the prenatal care here) three times so far and am going once more. Once to...
DD is 17 months and the same way. She just wants to rub my belly, kiss it, poke it (gently thankfully), lay her head on it etc. She won't nurse anymore but she suddenly is super interested in my nipples and has latched for a second or two a couple of times. Normally she is kinda a daddy's girl but lately I can't be out of her sight. I think she is picking up on a change but I'm not sure if she "gets" that there is a baby in there or not and what that means for her.
DD is only 17 months old so I'm not expecting huge things but I'm at the end of my rope with her climbing. She is up on the coffee table, the kitchen table or the window boxes 10-20 times every day. My concern is mostly that while she can get up, she can't get down and she likes to dance which often includes wild arm swinging that knocks her over. Adorable on the floor, heart attack inducing on the table. I've tried teaching her how to get down but she's not getting it...
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