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Quote: Originally Posted by eclipse Her body, her choice. Yes! Exactly that I haven't worn a bra for years, and I don't thank any woman should be required or forced to wear one.
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad It might happen. They don't do it here in Canada and look what happened... Same-sex marriage was legalize . I always enjoy your posts! On topic, I have so many problems with the pledge, but they have been previously mentioned (the "under god" bit and "for liberty and justice for all" is simply not true!). I do agree however that parts of what it contains is unconstitutional and doesn't belong in...
Hey everyone! I stumbled across this article today, and wanted to get some feedback on it : http://www.drfuhrman.com/library/fol..._vitamins.aspx To me, what it looks like it is basically saying is that folic acid supplements increase the instance of medical problems down the road, such as breast cancer, and instead advocates eating more foods that contain naturally-occurring folate. TIA!
Congrats!! You have beautiful children!!
Oooh I'm sending warm, happy thoughts your way!!
That was beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us
Congrats!! Thank you for sharing your birth story! He is just adorable
Quote: Originally Posted by lotus.blossom Sorry that this isn't the point of the thread but, nightweaning a 5 month old? I just can't imagine that he is crying because he is flipped over. Is it possible that he is, hungry?
Beautiful story! Thank you for posting it, it makes me feel that I will be strong enough and able to do it as well. Oh, and I love the name choice!
Awww it was fantastic! I mentioned to my DH that I was hoping they wouldn't edit that part out, and he got a laugh out of the huge smile on my face when they didn't! : It was a really cute movie overall, but I will have to say Totoro is still my fav!
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