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Congrats!  I kept looking to see if you had stayed in March :) what a birth story- welcome Samuel!  Hope to see pictures
I'm out too- 3/24 at 40+5.    I'm still thinking of you ladies, and sending positive birth vibes, and lovely labors.  I have to admit when I was having labor signs on my guess date I was feeling a little not ready, so maybe your intuition is right on with what baby is thinking- just not quite ready.  Good luck mama's and can't wait to read your announcements when baby is ready.
3/24 at 9:27am, 10 lbs 8 oz, 21.5" long.   I woke up at 5:00am, by 5:30 I decided to start timing the contractions which were pretty consistent around 2-3 minutes apart.  Decided to take a shower since I had waves on the 19th that peetered out to nothing.  They kept coming.  Called my mom to get her headed our way/to the birth center.  Called my mil to get her to watch our dd.  We left the house at 7:20 to head to the birth center (laboring in the car is not...
I thought the supermoon was going to work- had the van packed and then the contractions peetered out.  Mostly just braxton since.  I keep waking up thinking hmmm guess it wasn't that day.  Couldn't sleep for nothing last night, and was up quite a bit with dd yesterday night.  Then again I took a two hour nap in the day so that might have thrown my schedule off- I felt really funky yesterday, crampy and just off, thought for sure we would be heading in.  I go to the...
Congrats- she is just beautiful- and a very nice birth story, thanks for sharing!
Oh what a birth story!  Congrats mama!
Congrats!  I don't understand why each new baby isn't just as exciting as the first to everyone else.  Oh well, their loss, enjoy your babymoon!
Since I am 40w tomorrow (by guess date, 23rd for ultrasound date, which I think I will switch to if baby doesn't come before- don't know if my midwife can or not- but it's the date I tell everyone anyhow!).  Thought some things were going on, but nothing.  I'm nervous about knowing when it's time to head to the birth center (1hr away- and they have started construction on the route) and hoping the other expectant mother at my mw's office doesn't go into labor at the same...
oh goodness, she is just precious, congrats again, and what a great birth story!  Thanks for sharing- I'm thinking about going the water birth route this time.
I hear you on that one Adrienne- my midwife has one other mamma this month- hope we don't utilize the full moon vibes at the same time!
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