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Hi all hoping someone can help.  I'm on my two week wait (assisted with progesterone and oestrogen) and I'm sooo hungry.  I'm eating a good diet with lots of protein (at least 80g) whole grains, calcium, fresh fruit and veg.  But it doesn't seem to matter how much I eat I'm still hungry.  I'm getting bored of eating and having trouble sleeping I'm so hungry.   Any ideas for some vegan food that will make me feel full?
Five things:   a wicking sports t-shirt completely rid me of night sweats from the situation drugs.   A good comfy sports bra made the a huge difference to progesterone induced breast pain in tww.   It made a huge difference to me to be honest with myself and others about my desire for a child.  To read pregnancy/child care books.  To say" unfortunately no " or "that's something that's turned out to be harder than I ever thought possible" when people ask if I have...
Hi all,   just came in to update the IVF thread and found your'd all moved!   I've just done another round of IVF with another BFN :( plan to move to donor eggs and looking into different clinics and waiting lists.   I'm not sure how much time I'll have to keep up with the thread as I'm pretty full on at the mo (I've just gone back to uni and taken on some voluntary work on top of fertility treatments). But I wanted to pop in and say hi.   So much luck to...
Tenzinsmama: Thanks for thinking of me.  Yes it's great that the old timers are all graduating, although I can't help feeling a little left behind but hopefully my time will come some day.   Laggie: Hi and congratulations again.   rcr: congratulations again and fingures crossed for twin.   Lilac: congrats on so many embies, hope your tranfer goes well.   Blue: hope things are going well with you.   Good luck to anyone else I've missed   AFM:...
Laggie: Congratulations!!!!!!!!   Tenzi mamma: Congratulations   Wow rcr and Laggie with BFP and Blue with her miricle bump! Seems like all the old timers are finally making it!!!!!!!!
Good luck Laggie, hoping its good news for you :)
Congratulations rcr!!!!!! thats brilliant news!!!!!!
Toothfairy: I'm so sorry to hear about your miscaridge.   Lilac, xerlea, sourice: good luck for your cycles.   rcr and laggie: good to see you again.  good luck with your cycles.   hi to everyone else.   AFM: just popping by to say hi.  I'm still enjoying my brake from ttc and eating loads of junk food and drinking wine :)   loads and loads of luck everyone, may we all get to our babies soon.
Good luck toothfairy thats a great sign having such awsome embie quality :)   Good luck for your cycle Tracey.   And tanks every for wishing me well with my bf :)
Awww thanks everyone :)   Good luck Sourire how exciting!
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