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Hi I'm still in the 2ww day 8. No real symptoms to report. but my first three temps were just over the coverline and the next five are well above them. is that to early to be a tripahsic pattern? Also I've had a lot lot of trouble keeping up with my mum on our major, clean, sort, shopping, furniture building sess for my house. is all this tireness: pregancy symptom? aniemia? Normaly my Mum is just an ikea machine? Other? anyway off on my hols for a week. I...
thanks anaconda. I want to wait untill I know. I just feel really funny about telling something so personal. but It's quite a tough class and I don't want to do anything that might hurt the baby before I know its thier. I guess I'll wait till I next have a class in the 2ww and then decide. Mabey I'm pregant this time and can swich stright to a pregancy class! Hay littlest bird. I'm in the 2ww too but nothing to report! I usually get alsorts of pregncy symptoms...
well my temps shot up. its 4dpo to early for s triphasic pattern? Pehapse its becuase I deamed I was in a burning caravan? Or mabey the deam was becuase of the temp rise? How does everyone get the balance between postive thinking and not getting your hopes up? Do you act like your pregant two weeks each month? Would you tell your yoga teacher your ttc? good luck all wih wating, oing and resting!
Congratulations Somegirl! birdie.lee: Patrick Holfords a fairly well know nutritonist in UK. His book isn't vegan but most of the advise is. Basically he recomends: 3 servings of protine 2 tbsp of flax seed/oil 3 servings of green leafy or root veg 3 fresh fruit 4 or more wholegrains Avoid all the bad stuff: sugar, animal fat, white or refined foods He also gives advise about suppliments I guess many of you are already eating like this but I find it a good...
KingsDaughter76 Hi- PLEASE MOVE ME TO Waiting to Know-2WW... I O'd yesterday which makes me 1 dpo today. Do I have any cycle buddies??? :-) I'm two days post O.
Can you move me to waiting to know please Got my fingers crossed for me and all of us waiting to know!
congrats on all the new pregancys! Lots of eggwhite CM and a new lift so dh can join me in the double bed! good sing huh?
I temp on paper hence my wondering about whether I'm drawing the coverline in the right place. I've only done one pregancy cycle and this last year I haven't charted much. However before that I had trobule CTA avoid because my temps were always slipping back bellow the coverline eg. 2 just above, one on it, one just above, one just below, one above, one on etc. So it doesn't seem to be at the end of my cycle as when I was CTA I wouldn't have ususally kept doing my...
Thanks ScarletJane. I do chart but I'm afraid I do it with pen and paper so I can't share unless u come to my house! I'm hoping it's for me to! How cool would that be only two cycles of trying!
Hi I'd like to join. I've been vegan three years and am on my secod cycle ttc. I'm currently waiting to O in the next couple of days. I'll look into the mother cookbook. I was going to ask if anyone was looking at particual diets, diet modification for ttc. I've been working on following Patric Holfords advice.
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