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I JUST had pancreatitis LAST WEEK and was NPO from wednesday to yesterday (when I had my gall bladder out laproscopically.) It took about four days for my levels to come down to "normal" I started at 1500 (lipase) and on saturday was 62. Best of luck to your hubby!
Oh he's adorable!
We have a HUGE tent so we just bring their beds along and they sleep either on TOP of the kids or on their beds
We have two dogs: Loki is a male red and white Pembroke Welsh corgi. He's 2.5. Bella is a almost 6 month blue merle Rough Collie girl. She goes in the show ring for the first time beginning of September. I just took new pics of her for her breeder. http://frogmorest.wordpress.com/2009...la-photo-post/ Two cats. Casper is a 14 year old female Maine Coon and Frodo is a 4 year old poorly bred blue and white Persian boy. Two fish. Zoe and Darfy are both Marigold...
I don't see lab at all but I DO see German shorthaired pointer there. He's handsome!
I have a rough collie and a pembroke welsh corgi. They are the sweetest dogs and noone ever looks at them with suspicion
Quote: Originally Posted by Peepsqueak Basset Hounds are the best. They have a few faults but never anything dangerous. I have never seen a Basset bite anyone. They sound like big dogs when they bark too, so people think you have a huge monster if they do not see the Basset. (They like to sing with the moon though.....personally I enjoy the howling....they only do it when they are lonesome too). My daughter got bit by a Basset Hound this...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sasharna So it's like Feline Pine? Can you flush it? It is like Feline Pine and yep I do flush it.
We use pine pellet litter. It's actually made for pellet stoves but the SPCA here uses it so we figure it's good enough! And at 3.50 a bag for 40 lbs... it lasts a hellalong time.
It's worth a mention that Kirkland dog food is actually made by Diamond pet products
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