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AMY! Congratulations!!! She is gorgeous and the name is stunning. You know I look forward to hearing the detailed version when you have it ready. :joy:joy:joy
FYI, Zantac won't stop the reflux, it just stops the burning, however, breastmilk is a natural acid neutralizer so it isn't likely that the reflux is burning his throat unless they are giving him other liquids (formula/cereal). So in essence the cereal is counter productive. I would stick with breastmilk and try to keep him upright or at an incline to reduce the spit episodes. My son dealt with SEVERE projectile vomiting for the first 6 months of his life. Felt like...
Hugs momma! I'm sorry for everything you're going through. I'm going to pop in to give you some help with the pumping and increasing supply. -Leaning forward as you mentioned is great, particularly for emptying the lower quadrants, however, it can cause the upper quadrants to back up so try to do a mix of both leaning forward and upright to get the breast fully emptied. -massage/compression during the session is essential to increasing milk supply. It is great to be...
I would follow your gut. Induction with unripe cervix could result in fetal distress. Sounds like the babies are doing very well. If it were me I would just keep doing NST to make sure babies are doing good. Best wishes!
BEAUTIFUL birth story! Congratulations on your HBAC, you're incredible! Welcome baby Matthew!
It is working! I had the cramping at night too after less than a week of use, sometimes it would even wake me up. Then I started losing the mucus plug in addition to the cramping by the second week. Don't worry about getting checked. Sometimes that will mentally interfere more than it helps, kwim? Just keep doing it orally and if you are far enough along you can start doing it vaginally as well.
As of yesterday, I can't access the forums. Message reads "system error" This is the only page that I can access.
You can ask them to put the monitor patches on your shoulders and back instead of your chest so that baby can be skin on skin on your chest with no wires in the way in the event of a c/s
Once Jude passed i started using it orally and vaginally immediately. I had originally planned to start with it orally at 36 weeks then vaginally at 38 weeks. At 34.5 weeks, when he passed, we knew that my cervix would need time to soften but we also knew that we needed to try for a delivery within 2 weeks if possible. I started out with 2 orally and 2 vaginally (500 mg) then in a few days I upped the dosage to 3 orally and 4 vaginally. By the second week I started to...
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