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Hi SimpleGrace, it's nice to meet you!  :)  I have a 21-month old and a 4-year-old.  Right now I have an almost-3-year-old in my playschool (It's called Puggles Playschool and I think it's neat that you also use that term) and I'm enrolling more families for the fall.  I'm hoping to go up to 6 kids/day (including my own).   I posted separately about looking for circle time and story resources, and I would love your insights!  :)   Your blog is beautiful, I look...
Community is so important, I definitely would not give up on these activities.  Even though it throws off bedtime that night, you DO still have a strong rhythm of bedtime at 7 every night except late on church night.
I would love to meet all the local waldorf-inspired mamas, that would be so fun!  I wish I could join the morning garden group but I teach monday mornings.  It would be lovely to connect up with all of you.
If so, I would love to "meet" you!  :)  I recently started a home nursery in Durham NC and it would be great to have more of a support network.  We are also a homeschooling family, and for now this is my WAH job and it's a beautiful fit for my family!
I recently started a Waldorf-inspired home nursery and I'm working on building my circle time resources.  Right now I have a very young group (ages 1-4) and in the fall I will have a wide age range (2-6).  So far the kids are loving circle time as long as I keep it simple and full of movement.  They also really need simple repetitive stories rather than more complicated fairy tales (The Enormous Turnip and The Little Red Hen were big hits but The Ugly Duckling flopped...
Does anyone have a copy of A Child's Seasonal Treasury that they are ready to sell?  This is my favorite circle time resource and I'm so sad it's out of print (and used copies start at $50 on amazon....).
I would also recommend checking with the local waldorf school, and asking around in any local alternative parenting networks.  I run a waldorf-inspired preschool in my home so I am on the opposite end of things...how do I find local parents who want waldorf-inspired care?  :) I would also just suggest looking into any local play-based preschool and visiting to get a feel for it, and asking around about home nurseries (home-based waldorf-inspired preschool).   ETA:...
Hi, We are also waldorf-inspired (and unschooling inspired too or maybe I should say eclectic homeschoolers very much inspired by waldorf...), in Durham NC!  I have a 4 yo and a 1 yo and I also run an in-home playschool.  :)
We live in durham and love it!  The homeschooling community is awesome here, and I also recommend getting involved with the CHDAP (chapel hill durham alternative parenting) yahoo group.
Deb O'Connell or Nancy Harmon....both are CNMs who are highly recommended for homebirths.  Ami Goldstein (CNM) at UNC Family Medicine if she prefers or needs to be in the hospital (Ami is wonderful, but the downside is that she wouldn't necessarily attend the birth).  And of course the birth center in chapel hill.
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