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Subbing!  My husband and I homeschool our kids (ages 4 and 1) and take turns working (I WAH) and taking care of the kids.  I can't say enough good things about the homeschooling community in durham and chapel hill!  But I think my husband would like to meet more dads who are home with their kids.
We are seriously considering a trampoline for DD's fourth birthday.  Her teacher has one that she lets the kids use when parents are there to supervise and my DD LOVES it.  She's not an active kid but she will really jump and get her yayas out on the trampoline and I love seeing the joy on her face...   So I'm wondering about the safety enclosures and if they really make trampolines more safe?  I guess I'm just wondering if they might encourage kids to jump up...
Thank you everyone for your responses! Can anyone comment on Watts-Hillandale, Rockwood, Duke Park, and Trinity Park? DH really wants to be IN the city but close to Chapel Hill. We're noticing a real lack of sidewalks...hmmm...anyone live in a neighborhood where people really walk around? Thanks!
Let's see...our ideal would be a "walking neighborhood" We're in carrboro now and can walk to weaver street, farmer's market, etc, but I think those areas of durham are prob outside our price range (2 or 3 bed under 200K). But being in a nice area just to take walks, go to the park, would be great. We definitely prefer older neighborhoods, low crime rate, and lots of families. I'm hoping to be within 30 min of UNC. Thanks!
I might be moving to Durham! We are looking at houses and trying to get the new homebuyer's credit, so we have to move fast. I don't know durham at all (we're renting in carrboro) so I would really appreciate any feedback about where to live! It seems so big! We are looking at a place in the Lakewood neighborhood tomorrow...pros/cons, safety, other families there? Thanks!!!
Especially the getting-ourselves-out-the-door kind! We all do SO well when we get out for a morning walk. It puts me in a good mood for the day, DD1 (almost-3) comes home relaxed, DD 2 (4mo) naps in the ergo. But the transition out the door is miserable. Everything devolves into chaos, pandemonium, baby cries cause she wants to walk, DD tantrums cause she wants a snack (we just had breakfast), can't put on her shoes (she can), wants to call papa (now?) etc. I end up...
s Hugs, mama! I hope you are able to find some answers. I've been overwhelmed myself since my second little one came along and that is a hard feeling. (My two are almost-3 and 4.5 months and I totally get the feeling of being able to handle them one at a time.) So some ideas... Maybe think about what housework/cooking really needs to happen during the day, and what can wait for the weekend, or until you're feeling less overwhelmed. Maybe you could put out an activity...
Oh wow, the hat generator you link to from your blog is exactly what I'm needing right now! Your hats turned out beautifully.
My 3-year-old is SO excited for me to knit her a hat! She picked out the yarn herself at the yarn store...it's not the bulky wool I was hoping for, but a thinner cotton/silk blend. Still, it's beautiful and it can be a spring/fall hat. I've done a bit of knitting before but always started with a pattern. How do I find the right pattern for my yarn? I'm envisioning a pixie pilot cap (hanna anderson style, kwim?). Any suggestions? Thanks! Oh, and in a slight plot...
My daily must-reads have been mentioned already: Soulemama Are so happy Parenting Passageway Yay for inspiring blogs!
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