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My babies both had hairy ears. It does fall off at some point.
It sounds like you're doing great! Definitely take him for walks. Wear him the whole time, well-bundled. Reach in to check his little hands every once in a while and make sure he's warm. You will both really enjoy it! With my first we walked at least an hour every day, even in Boston winter, and it's one of my fondest memories of her babyhood. You can wear him around the house while you do housework, talk on the phone, etc. This will get easier around 6-7 months...
Thanks for the support nwatt! Most days she doesn't seem overtired but I can't tell if that's because she has such a mellow personality. On days when DH is home to help one of us can nap with her or hold her while she sleeps in a quiet room and she naps SO much better. I know sleep is crucial to learning, so I worry. Also, I think I'm just feeling mommy guilt about not being able to meet both their needs no matter how much I try.
Quote: Originally Posted by amandaleigh37 Biggest help was when my 2yo could put his own shoes on. Getting out the door became a whole new ballgame when the baby came
DD1 is almost 3 and DD2 is 4.5 months. My baby isn't napping well. She sleeps great at night most of the time and is an easy baby (not at all like my first!) although she does have reflux. She napped better as a newborn, long ones in the sling and sometimes an hour or so in bed. But these days she often naps in short spurts of 10-15 minutes. I'm worried that our life is just too disruptive for her. I'm so busy with my toddler, and we are in and out of the house...
DD is almost 3 and this age is so hard!!! I know I'm tired because I also have a 4-month-old. I know my sweet funny loving girl is just doing normal 3-year-old defiant stuff. But I really wish we could afford part-time preschool so I could get a break. It's so hard to be gentle and kind all. day. long. Just venting I guess...
Wow, thank you!
DD just got a wonderful hand-me-down wood barn to play with. It didn't come with any animals so I'm looking for recommendations. I love the Ostheimer animals but they are SO expensive! Does anybody know of any more affordable brands? Thanks!
OMG mama, I'm so sorry!!! Sorry about all the grief and loss you went through this month and sorry that you don't have any support. Shame on your husband for not helping you when you're sick and for not being thrilled to hang out with your kids every weekend! I wish I could help.
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