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Thanks Deborah! Today went much better.
Thanks everyone! I think I'll go with Heaven on Earth. I'm excited to read it!
My 2-month-old sometimes cries like crazy in the car. I feel terrible about it. If it were just her, I could stay home a lot more, but we are on the move pretty frequently to get to playgroups and parks for my 2-year-old. I make sure that she has a clean diaper and has nursed as much as she wants before we set out. She has already gotten more used to the car and sometimes will just hang out and seem happy, but other times she loses it. I feel like I'm letting her "cry...
I take time for yoga and meditation at night. It always helps me to journal as well, but that doesn't happen as often. I have recently started the practice of holding each of my daughters in my mind for a few minutes while I meditate. It helps me to clarify what is going well for them and what they might be needing more of. If I'm having a hard day or feeling anxious, I might also spend time meditating on what I'm grateful for or on what I did right that day.
I know there are a few great books for waldorf parents of young (pre-K) children. I can only get one, so which do you recommend? Thanks!
Hmmm....the thing is, she really wants to feel like she has made the decision. I used to pick out her outfit for her every morning until she started wanting to pick it out herself. Then I started giving her two or three outfit choices, but she was likely to reject them and head for the closet to pick out her own stuff. So it evolved, and many times she'll show up in front of me with a whole new outfit picked out...it's like a hobby! But lately she has been asking me to...
I think I give DD too many choices. She's 2.5 y/o and a very articulate little girl. My natural impulse is to give her choices as often as possible so that she has power. But lately she seems overwhelmed by choices and it's making things like getting dressed and putting on shoes difficult. How do you handle picking out clothes, etc. from a waldorf perspective? The most difficult situation right now is meals and snacks. I think I offer way too many choices in an...
Kapla blocks games to play together
I don't think you're being irrational mama! When things don't go as planned for your first birth, every hitch the second time around is scary. I had a successful HBAC, but it was a nerve-wracking emotional process! You are right to consider your options carefully. Personally, I would go in for testing after 42 weeks, but I would bring my most trusted advocate, and I would plan to resist pressure for an induction unless the baby was in immediate danger. Also, do what...
I just had a great HBAC 8 weeks ago. I'll PM you.
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