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I had DD2 8 weeks ago (DD1 is 2.5 y/o) and I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm not enjoying being a SAHM right now and I feel terrible about that! I love getting one-on-one time with either of my girls but I hardly ever do. And taking care of myself is so hard to do right now. I scarf every meal and never feel like I can get enough to eat. My house is a crazy mess no matter how I run myself ragged. DH is a super-involved dad and he doesn't work crazy hours (actually a...
Hi nourishma! We live in Carrboro and I'd be happy to get together with you at a park sometime! PM me. Also, there's a CHDAP playdate this monday morning at 10 at Anderson park (off of 54 just west of Carrboro)...these are often sparsely attended (although the email loop is very active) but I'm planning to go. LLL is also very active around here and the website has meeting times/places. Definitely check out weaver street and the red hen!
Dr. Jack Maypole at south end comm health center in boston (selective/delayed)
DD1 slept only in arms the first 6 months. DD 2 already can nap on her own sometimes at 5 weeks...I guess there's a lot of variation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gunter anyone have plans for michealmas? i was just reading about it and what stood out to me was the "protection" aspect of it. my oldest always says, "whenever i get scared, i will go stand near a fox." so, i thought of getting a wooden fox for her as a gift on that day and reading some about the celebration. I think that's a beautiful idea! Btw, nice to see another local mom on the waldorf forum. --Kelly
My DD was 30 months when DD2 was born. We always let her take the lead on potty training, we just got her a potty and cheered for her when she used it, and we always gave her the option of using the potty or wearing a diaper. She was pretty much potty trained a couple months before the baby came but then she always wanted to wear a diaper. We just went with it. A few days after the baby came she said she wanted to wear underwear so we let her pick out a bunch of...
Dr Vines is our family doc and he's awesome and was supportive of my homebirth, but I don't know if he can do shadow care. Ami is likewise absolutely wonderful, but be careful when setting up your appointment...she and Ellen at UNC family medicine will be supportive of you behind closed doors but they are NOT authorized to provide backup care for homebirths. It would need to be under-the-radar "shadow" care.
What were your best strategies for coping when you had a toddler and a newborn in the house? TIA!
I love the idea of having more rhythm in our lives and I think my 2.5y/o DD and I would both really benefit...but there is also a 3 week old in our family! Does anybody have suggestions, or experience, or ideas about realistic expectations? Thanks!
Would anybody mind sharing their bathroom cleaning routine? I don't have a good system and I can't seem to get it really clean without chemicals. In particular the grout around the bathtub isn't getting clean. There is nasty black stuff in all the little nicks in the soft grout and the hard grout just requires too much scrubbing for the amount of time I have. Suggestions? ETA: Also, how do you keep the shower curtain clean?
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