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I love it
nak... wonderful, i am so happy for you!!! my dd (30 months) lost her latch after just 3 monts of not nursing while i was pregnant. now we tandem nurse but she doesn't know how to actually get milk, she just sort of snuggles with the breast for a minute...no prob tho it makes her happy
nak... hugs! I had a very hard time nursing while pregnant b/c it was so so painful. I came to reaize that i was doing more harm than good by nursing on demand while feeling rage on the inside. DD is so sensitive i knew that she knew i was unhappy...and how confusing that must be! i lovingly set limits about how often & for how long and slowly weaned. the first limits were by far the hardest...lots of holding while she cried...lots of doubting myself...and it got...
I'm having the same problem so I would love to hear more responses! My DD (2.5 weeks) has an even harder time when we are lying down so I started getting up each time to nurse at night.
Easy! We are really struggling financially but we are paying out of pocket and the money did not even factor into the decision. The intense ramifications for our family of our first traumatic hospital birth made homebirthing a huge priority. This is the only time I will birth this baby.
I would be very concerned that she wouldn't be able to help me tough out a long discouraging labor because she hasn't drawn on the internal resources to do it herself.
Hi, I'm vbac-ing at home, but when I looked into hospital birth options I was really impressed with UNC Family Practice. Ami Goldstein is great (CNM) and they do use telemetry units (don't know about tubs)
I would find out exactly what kills the staphyloccocus bacterium and do that. Not all disinfectants kill everything, so I wouldn't assume that bleach or vinegar is deadly to staph until looking into it. As far as I know, boiling will kill all living bacteria, but it will not destroy endospores, so you want to check that staph is a non-sporing bacteria. Maybe you can find an online microbiology reference guide.
Um, no. I don't really know what they're used for, but apparently we did fine without one.
We're planning to go on day 2 (yikes!) for the PKU, vitamin K shot, and my rhogam shot. We'll get the hearing screen at home. I love our family doc and didn't feel at all coerced into this situation, but I did feel nervous about it. My MW suggested that I stay in the car with the baby and let DH go sign us in and wait for the doc to be ready, then we could go straight into the exam room with the baby in the sling. So that's the plan! ETA: Our MW can do the PKU and...
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