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I have a random assortment of hand-me-downs and I'm wondering what else I need to get for my newborn (due soon!). So far I have 13 prefolds, 5 fitteds, and 4 wraps. I have plenty of diapers for the later stages (kissaluvs size 1, etc.) so I'm just wondering about those first few weeks. Also, I've heard that you can just fold the prefolds into the wraps and avoid using snappis...any experience with this? Thanks everybody!
It probably depends on the mw...mine comes when I feel I need her, at any point in labor. I also hired a doula because my first birth was a hospital c/s and I had ptsd for a year afterwards so I just want to have lots of support this time and feel that all my bases are covered.
Quote: Originally Posted by lovepiggie Mostly I feel confident in my decision because the idea of giving birth in a hospital seems WAY more scary. Me too! My first birth was a hospital nightmare.
I would like some advice on freezing compresses for postpartum. I have witch hazel and comfrey tincture and I got 4x4 gauze pads to soak and freeze. I'm planning to layer the frozen gauze on top of big mama pads. Is there any way to store the gauze so I can get at it easily without using a ton of plastic? I would like to avoid throwing away a ton of ziplocks, if possible. Also, any idea how many I should make? TIA!
My MW warned us not to start with hot water as it might damage the pool. She asked us to start with a couple inches of cold and then switch to hot.
I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my second daughter too! We are also using the La Bassine, and we're renting it from our MW, so we're planning to use the bleach solution to disinfect it. We bought bleach for this purpose because it's not something we would usually keep in the house.
The only time it has come up is when I had to go see my family doc for something not pregnancy related, my mw warned me that they might try to push the swine flu vaccine on me (which they didn't anyway)
I wish I had thought to post about this earlier! I've been looking for towels in thrift stores for ages...no luck. I got some old ones from family and made up the difference with some from walmart ($2.50 each). I wonder if they're too scratchy and I should've gotten some nice ones for wrapping the baby...hmmm...
This is a great topic and I enjoyed everyone's responses. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and planning an HBAC. I was not scared during my first pregnancy and was really inspired by Spiritual Midwifery. But..the labor and birth themselves were horribly scary and traumatic. I was planning a birth center birth, had a terrible experience with my midwife, transferred to the hospital and ended up with a c-section. As I've dealt with the trauma over the last 2.5 years I have found...
First of all, 5 months is still SO young and this is all still so new for you. Be super patient with yourself. I know from personal experience that being a SAHM without a car is REALLY hard. But it's really hard for you, and your daughter is fine. At that age she is plenty stimulated just by being with her mama. If she is happy to nap in the swing that is great...go with it! When she's awake you can try to find a rhythm or pattern that works for you with nursing,...
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