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For the first baby (7 yrs ago), we kept it as a surprise..and it was a lovely revelation.. Growing up with my sister in a predominantly mom-only household, I had absolutely no clue what little boys are like and I really wanted a girl and got one. :) And I always imagined myself having 2 kids, so baby 2 was always in my mind right after baby 1 was born. Except baby 2 took a really long time to decide to come.... So for this pregnancy, I couldn't wait till the birth. I...
Phew!! finally ordered the stroller/ playpen from costco. Next up : getting some nursing tops ready getting some curtains done for bedroom buying post partum pads buying a small pack of newborn diapers washing baby clothes getting hospital bag ready serging some receiving blankets
Can you do online tutoring or being a virtual assistant? You can do both at home and your kids don't have to goto daycare..    I can hear the resolve to find  a way, in your post as well. Good luck!    Hope WIC works out. Please also consider Church ministries (They welcome everyone even if you do not belong to that church) and food pantries in your area.    Do you have some place to garden? If yes, you can ask for free seeds on freecycle.    Post on craigslist, if...
 Unlike last pregnancy (7 yrs ago), I was constipated for this one... Later iron deficiency and iron pills came along and made me even more constipated... But ever since I started taking probiotic pills, I haven't had that problem even once. Maybe you can try some probiotic capsules too? Genestra and New Chapter have some good probiotic capsules. 
Thanks gumblossom!! Mine's almost 8 yrs after I gave birth last time as well! :)   I'm currently reading a book of natural birth stories and they reinforce what you just said... The endorphins - they are powerful!!!    I come out of a workout session feeling I can conquer the world. Maybe with all those endorphins, I can come out of labor like I did conquer the world! :) 
pumpkin puree in mac n cheese?    There are even a couple of books that have the same theme - sneaking veggies onto toddlers food. One by Jessica Seinfeld (Deceptively Delicious) and the other one that came before it.. (The sneaky chef) 
Good for you for realizing that it's HER issue and not yours. Rock on, mama! 
I am feeling much better after taking pills for my anemia....   Annoyed at people commenting on my size.. or  my lunch... Grrr! Really? Can't you just mind your own business? Besides that, back pains are annoying!! I can't seem to sit down in the car seat.. It's just suddenly too low.    Time to start getting the bag started and also to wash all the baby clothes that my older daughter used.   Tolerance levels are down. Ability to speak up my mind without mincing...
Maybe a picture of a woman holding a newborn baby, right next to pregnant woman... and write something 'Amazing labor experience'.. and / or  maybe a breastfeeding picture :) 
I'm almost done..... Except one. In which area would I put my wishes for my labor being natural and easy(I can hope, can't I?) I have some free space in 7 and 9. Are the words 'Easy Natural labour' okay or do I need to write more? My last birth ended up with epidural and episiotomy and I'm hoping to go all natural with my midwife this time around. I'm anxious about pain even though I know I can do it... And need all the positive energy from the universe.
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